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Engwe X26: The Ultimate Folding Electric Bike for All-Terrain Adventures

Welcome to our comprehensive review of the Engwe X26, a folding electric bike designed for adventurous riders seeking all-terrain capabilities. Whether you’re exploring mountain trails or tackling challenging terrains, the Engwe X26 is built to deliver a thrilling and convenient riding experience. In this article, we’ll delve into its features, design, and performance to help you understand why it’s the ultimate choice for your outdoor adventures.

Engwe X26

The Engwe X26 is a powerful folding electric bike equipped with dual batteries, a 1000W motor, and versatile features. Its combination of power, convenience, and all-terrain capabilities makes it an excellent choice for riders seeking adrenaline-filled rides and the flexibility of a folding bike. Let’s explore its key features in more detail.

Engwe X26 is a powerful folding electric bike

To provide you with a comprehensive overview, here is a table highlighting the key features and descriptions of the Engwe X26:

Dual BatteriesEquipped with both a 19.2Ah and a 10Ah battery for extended riding range.
Powerful MotorThe 1000W motor provides ample power for conquering various terrains.
Folding DesignConveniently foldable for easy storage and transportation.
Fat Tire26×4.0-inch fat tire offers excellent traction on diverse surfaces.
Long Mileage RangeEnjoy an impressive mileage range of 120-150km on a single charge.
Triple SuspensionFeatures a triple suspension system for a comfortable and smooth ride.
Dual Oil Disc BrakeEquipped with dual oil disc brakes for reliable and responsive stopping power.

Powerful Performance

Engwe X26
Engwe X26 Powerful Hub Motor

The Engwe X26 is designed to provide outstanding performance on various terrains. Its dual batteries, combined with the 1000W motor, offer impressive power and an extended riding range. Whether you’re cruising through city streets or tackling challenging mountain trails, the Engwe X26 delivers the performance you need.

Convenient and Foldable Design

One of the standout features of the Engwe X26 is its folding design, allowing for easy storage and transportation. This feature makes it ideal for commuters, travelers, and riders with limited storage space. You can conveniently fold and unfold the bike in a matter of seconds, making it incredibly practical and versatile.

All-Terrain Capabilities

Engwe X26

With its 26×4.0-inch fat tire, the Engwe X26 ensures excellent traction on various surfaces, including snow, sand, and rough terrains. Whether you’re exploring mountain trails or cruising along sandy beaches, this electric bike handles diverse terrains with ease.

Comfort and Control

Engwe X26 Triple Suspension
Engwe X26

The Engwe X26 prioritizes rider comfort with its triple suspension system. It absorbs shocks and bumps, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride. Additionally, the dual oil disc brakes provide reliable stopping power, allowing for safe and controlled rides even on challenging terrains.

Specifications Engwe X26

Tire26*4.0 Inch Fat Tire
Best Tire Pressure140KPA
Battery Capacity48V 19.2Ah+10Ah
Recommended Speed25km/h
Charging Time8 Hours
Electric Range100 Km
Input Voltage (V)100-240
Assistance Range120-150 Km
Charging Input48-54V
Motor Power1000W (Max Power: 1200W)
Rear DerailleurShimano 7-speed
Rating Current (A)≤25
LightFront & Rear
Air Load Current (A)≤1.8
Package Size (cm)1573385
Air Load Speed370±10(1min)
Bike Size (cm)19272120
Max Output Torque60
Folding Size (cm)11072120
Working Temperature-20°~60°
Appropriate Height (cm)170-210
Maximum Grade30°
Net Weight41 KG
Shock AbsorbingTriple Suspension System
TransmissionShimano 8-Speed Gear
BrakeOil Brake
Ground To The Saddle90-128.5 cm

Please note that the specifications provided are subject to change and may vary based on different versions or configurations of the Engwe X26.


In conclusion, the Engwe X26 is the ultimate folding electric bike for riders seeking thrilling adventures on all terrains. With its dual batteries, powerful motor, folding design, fat tire, long mileage range, triple suspension system, and dual oil disc brakes, it delivers a perfect combination of performance, convenience, and versatility. Take your outdoor adventures to the next level with the Engwe X26 and experience the freedom of all-terrain riding.

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