Voice-Based or Text-Based Chatbots

Which is a Better Option for Your Enterprise: Voice Based or Text Based Chatbots

Which is a Better Option for Your Enterprise: Voice-Based or Text-Based Chatbots

Voice-Based or Text-Based Chatbots

Developing a bot is a completely new addition on most of the business’s to-do list. That’s why when you drop your plan in the market, you probably tend to get more confused while choosing the right artificial intelligence solution for your business. Instead of reacting to the market hype, it’s essential to understand the advantages of each medium (voice, chat, or both) thus you will be able to deliver the best customer experience.

Before we go further, let’s start with

What is a Voice Bot?

The primary mode of communication in voice chatbot development solution is a voice. It accepts command in oral form and replies through voice. Some of the best examples for voice-based chatbots are Amazon Echo and Google Home.

What is a Text-Based Chatbot?

The prime mode of communication for text-based chatbots is texting. It can also send images, videos, or documents during the chat for more relevant responses.

While deciding the chatbot platform, you need to consider the below-mentioned principles for better business outcomes.

  1. Type and Volume of Information Transferred

In terms of finding the right chatbot solution, you need to check the type and volume of information transmitted through the medium. If we compare voice and text than voice can convey more information in a shorter time. However, it may lose the user’s attention when it comes to longer sentences.  If your business demands graphical user interfaces, then go for text-based solutions but in terms of sonic interfaces, you should go for voice-based chatbots.

  1. User Journey – Linear Vs Non-Linear

When there are plenty of options to choose from like comparing the price of grocery items or selecting options from a restaurant menu then text-based chatbot solution is a better option. This way, users don’t need to remember which options are available to them. On the other hand, of the journey of a user is liner than it’s easy to build a voice bot. For example, you need to guide on how to fix appliances, with voice interface you can do it conveniently and efficiently.

To help out further, we have listed few recommendations considering when businesses may opt for text-based chatbots

  1. Device-Based Inquiries: In case your target audience are always on the go, then text-based chatbot is a great option. As it gives customers an opportunity to keep exploring and interacting at their own convenient time.
  2. Small Business: If your business is not very diversified than text-based chatbot solution can be ideal for your requirements.

When businesses should opt for voice-activated chatbots?

Undoubtedly, with ease of input, the voice-activated chatbots are quickly transforming the industry. If you are thinking it to integrate into your business, then do ensure that you meet the below-mention parameters.

  1. The Budget shouldn’t be an issue: Besides extensive coding, chatbot developers need more time to develop thus becomes an expensive option for any business. So, only go for this option when your business doesn’t find any budget limitations.
  2. Dealing with a Particular Type Target Audience: It is a perfect option when dealing with people who like to do multitasking. They can act as a personal assistant and can perform simple tasks like setting morning alarms, making phone calls, booking an appointment with a doctor, and much more.

Key Differences and Similarities between text-based and voice-activated chatbots

One of the biggest similarities between text-based chatbots and voice-activated chatbots is that both allow users to accomplish their tasks and find relevant information via natural processing language.

Given their differences, interfaces of both the chatbot development is different and hugely dependent on the purpose and context for a chatbot use. The text-based chatbot must understand shorthand and typos which are common in mobile-based platforms. Meanwhile, chatbot developers of a voice-enabled solution must ensure that the chatbot understands different accents.

No matter which chatbot solution you are opting, always ensure its intelligent and quick so that users can easily begin chatting or giving commands with their desired device.

Chatbot Cost Calculator

With increasing demand, the number of chatbot development companies are also growing. Before you visit them, you can also take a ballpark estimate of your chatbot development idea which helps you get your desired product at cost-effective prices. All you need to do is check out a reliable chatbot cost calculator and answer a few questions about your business and its requirements, get the estimate within a few seconds. For more assistance, you can also consult a renowned chatbot development company that not only guide you but also help you start developing your smart chatbot solution.

Which is the Right Pick for your Business

Both the interfaces are powerful; however, your decision solely depends on your business goals and user experience. In simple words, check out how, why, and where your users are using the product. Thus, you can make the final choice and get started with chatbot development.

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