Laser Cutting Technology

4 Ways Laser Cutting Technology Are Used for Home Building

Laser Cutting Technology

Before, we embark on examining the different ways in which laser cutting technology, can be used in home building it is important that we have a solid understanding of what laser cutting is.

A laser was once regarded as a type of weapon limited to the realm of futuristic movies. Today it is one of the most advanced technological processes available for the precision cutting, of a variety of materials for use in different industries.

Understanding Laser Cutting Technology

Laser cutting is the process where a high-power laser beam is concentrated to cut through a specific area of material with a very high degree of accuracy and precision, the material is either melted or vaporized to leave a smooth accurate edge. The process is controlled with a computer for extreme accuracy.

Laser cutting is already commonly used in the construction industry to cut sheet materials, piping, and components to be used in different structural elements, understanding laser cutting technology will help us to find new applications and usages for it in homebuilding.

Laser Cutting Technology in Home Building

The use of computer technology and software programs to control the laser cutting process, and the availability of different types of lasers, opened the door for greater innovation in the use of laser cutting. 

The design by the architect, interior designer, or artist can be in different formats commonly used, which are then sent to the laser cutting service to proceed with the cutting of the different components needed by the building contractor.

The Manufacturing of Pre-fabricated Homes

The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) during 2010 at the Solar Decathlon Europe, proved that architects can design a home that can be digitally created and downloaded via the internet to any laser cutting service in the world. 

All the components can be laser cut from materials sourced locally, like plywood panels. The panels can then be transported to the building site, for assembly using components manufactured by laser cutting them.

Manufacturing of Structural Elements

Today, it is possible for the architect to design structural elements like trusses and other structural elements to be laser cut from the tubing. The different components can be cut off-site and transported to the construction site where it can be assembled using an assembly jig. 

This method was first used in Japan and trusses spanning 25 meters were successfully cut and used in the construction of more than one building. Architects and engineers can design homes that have features that are not available with traditional construction methods. 

Using structural components that were precision manufactured with laser cutting technology ensures that the designs can come to life.

Interior and Exterior Design Elements

With the capability of cutting laser designs on wood, the interior design of the home can be totally different. The most intricate designs can be cut from wood, to serve as decorative panels on the walls, dividing space between areas, furniture elements and many more. 

The use of laser cutting enables interior designers to bring ideas to reality. This lowers the costs and the need to get artisans to manually produce the panels. The work can be accurately produced in a shorter time without delay to the completion of the home. 

The use of laser cutting interior design opens the opportunities for designers to be more creative but with the secure knowledge that the end product will accurately reflect the approved design.

The design extends to the exterior with ornate designs being able to be produced like signs, gate panels, decorative panels, security and privacy screens, artworks, and much more.

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Who to approach

It is very important to make sure that you make use of a competent company to do your laser cutting or you can end up being very sorry, this is why it is a good idea to make use of the laser cutting service from GCI Group which is another option to consider.

This article looked at laser cutting technology, what it is and how it is used in the home building industry. The use of manufacturing prefabricated houses, structural elements and interior and exterior design elements. Finally, we looked at a laser cutting service to approach for a quote.

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