5 Means To Keep Your Digital Data Safe When in China


Entering into the Chinese marketplace is a tempting proposition for many businesses, with the size of the country’s economy and population just two of the enticing factors. And China is increasingly opening up to the world, with friendlier policies aimed at attracting foreign business investment into the country. However, doubts still persists surrounding some of the tactics employed by the Chinese Government in pursuing economic dominance. Reports still exist of important intellectual property owned by businesses being put at risk … Read more

Benefits of using a VPN on my home network?


When you are online for any purpose, your online presence may be tracked by cybercriminals or government monitoring agencies. Not only that, your ISP provider can also have a look at your online activities as well. That’s why you need to keep secure from them and prevent your IP and DNS address, browsing history, and other things. In this situation, a VPN should come into play to protect your online presence. For more detailed information about the related topics, you … Read more

Security tools you need in 2020


As the 21st century progresses, technology forges ahead. Technology is nowhere close to where it was a decade ago. We rely more on the internet to do business, giving hackers a field day when we are lax on security. To protect your data in there are myriad cybersecurity measures you can take against threats such as: Ransomware Ransomware is one of the most common cyber threats in existence today. Hackers target large and small companies as well as individuals, and … Read more

Device Security: What Is VPN And Why Should You Use It?

Virtual Private Network

The Internet… What a marvelous invention, am I right? Tell me something. Could you imagine your life without it these days? I don’t think so. It has become too important for everyone, including both individuals and various organizations. And yet, we sometimes fear it. Fearing something that you don’t completely understand is perfectly normal. We have all heard a few scary stories about hackers and such, and some of us might have even had our own experiences with this. Who … Read more

Tips to improve your Internet privacy

internet privacy

Internet privacy has become a serious issue nowadays with the massive increase in personal information online. There are increasing cases of a breach of privacy by companies and organizations as users’ information is being used for commercial purposes. Aside from this, internet fraud has also become a major problem individuals face when online. Therefore, it is important in this era, where the internet has become a part of human’s daily lives, that you take cognizance of the dangers of releasing … Read more

Why A VPN Is More Important In 2020 Than Ever


Over the last decade, cyber attacks have increased in frequency and severity. As we enter 2020, a new decade brings challenges for users online as they want to remain secure. To avoid ransomware, malware, and phishing attacks, you should always protect yourself online. The best way to stay secure on the internet is to use a VPN. As well as providing security, VPNs also allow you to remain anonymous online and access geo-restricted websites. If you want to check out … Read more

How to Recognize a Suspicious VPN: Guide for Beginners


If you ever research anything related to online privacy, you will come across virtual private networks (VPNs). These tools are often considered to be one of the best online security solutions. And they indeed play a significant role in securing data on the internet. But not all VPN services are trustworthy enough for you to rely on them. With hundreds of VPN providers on the market, it can be easy to fall into the trap of fake VPNs and unreliable … Read more