Benefits of using a VPN on my home network?

When you are online for any purpose, your online presence may be tracked by cybercriminals or government monitoring agencies. Not only that, your ISP provider can also have a look at your online activities as well. That’s why you need to keep secure from them and prevent your IP and DNS address, browsing history, and other things.

In this situation, a VPN should come into play to protect your online presence. For more detailed information about the related topics, you may head over to check wikirouter because they are unique in this field to provide you more information. Using a VPN to your home network, you can not only prevent your online presence from the rest of the world but also browse blocked content in certain countries.

Why should I use a VPN?

VPN is an online shield that protects your personal data, browsing history, IP address, and DNS from the rest of the world. Therefore, your vulnerability, while online is protected. Not only that, if you are an expat or traveler or native of certain countries like China, where you are restricted to browse blocked websites and apps like Google, Youtube, Facebook, and others.

Using a VPN should be the only way to allow you to break the geo-restriction and browse their blocked content comfortably. Moreover, a VPN will allow you to stream some blocked streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, HBO iPlayer, and so forth. The strong encryption system of the VPN will help you to keep your data and personal browsing history protected from other online.

Benefits of using a VPN on my home network

There are numerous benefits of using a VPN on your home network. The most important benefit, among others, is to mask your IP and DNS address. Therefore, your online activities to the cybercriminals, government monitoring agencies, ISP providers, and so forth do not get vulnerable, and you can browse the internet without any tension.

Sometimes, it so happens that some important websites and apps are blocked by some countries. Not only that, if you are a student, you may find some educational websites are also blocked by the government of the specific country. In this case, you need to use a VPN to break the geo-restriction to browse and read the content they have blocked.

●      All devices at your home keep protected

When you surf the internet from different devices, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktop, and other things, your online presence may be vulnerable to others online. Maybe, at home, you use a router from which you get connected to all your home devices, right? Therefore, chances are you are completely vulnerable to the rest of the world online.

As a result, your personal data and IP address may be stolen anytime by the hackers or monitoring agencies out there. That’s why you need a VPN to mask the IP address so that you can surf the internet being anonymous. Now nobody is capable of stealing and track your online activities.

●      Access Netflix and other blocked sites

Most popular streaming sites are blocked and restricted. It means that you cannot access these services from any country. In this case, what will you do then to access these websites? Well, you need a good VPN so that it can change the IP address of your region, and you can appear to them as you are from another country. Thus using a VPN, you can access some important streaming websites like Netflix.

●      Encrypt your IP address and valuable data

A VPN that comes with military-grade encryption system is worth using while you surf the internet. Being encrypted your IP address and personal data, there is a little chance left for hackers or other monitoring agencies out there to trace your online activity.

When you get connected to the internet, A VPN having a military-grade 256-bit encryption feature allows your IP address, DNS address, personal browsing history, and other important things to encrypt completely so that others cannot trace and track your online presence. That’s why you should use a VPN that provides the best encryption system to their users.

●      Strict No-Logs policy

You might be thinking that a VPN company can easily track your online presence and steal your IP address and other personal data, right? But things are not the same as you think because due to strict no-logs policy, they never track and trace your online activities. Instead, they ensure that they are completely committed to you by their strict no-logs policy.

●      Breaks Geo-restriction

If you are somewhere where most of the important sites and apps are restricted, like Facebook, Google, Gmail, Youtube, and so forth. Maybe, you are in China, or you are an expat, or you are a traveler there. Chances are you cannot browse these websites and apps from their country because the government has blocked these websites and apps.

What will you do then, in this case? The solution is you have to use a trusted VPN, which comes with geo-restriction breaking features. Most of the paid VPNs come with important features for their use so that they can break the geo-location restriction.

●       Automatic Kill Switch

A standard VPN should have the feature of an internet kill switch. It helps you to protect even if you are suddenly disconnected from the VPN connection. When you get disconnected from the VPN, chances are you are vulnerable to the internet world. Therefore, it automatically drops your internet connection too.

●      DNS Leak Protection

When you use internet browsers like Chrome, Firefox, or other browsers, your DNS address may leak to the cybercriminals or government monitoring agencies. Therefore, a VPN comes with the most reliable feature, DNS leak protection. It helps you to protect your DNS address from being exposed to others.

Final Thought

So, the benefits of using a VPN on your home network are essential when it comes to secure your IP and DNS address, your personal data, browsing history, and other things from the cybercriminals and other government monitoring agencies. To unblock geo-restriction websites and apps, you need to use a good VPN that can break the geo-restriction. You can browse streaming sites like Netflix and can play games without any interruption as well.

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