7 key steps to building an effective business website

If you’re a wise marketer, you would know that in today’s digital world, an online presence is crucial for your business. A study conducted by BIA/Kelsey revealed that almost 97 percent of consumers search for local products and services online. This means that you need an effective business website that gives out your product information in a convincing manner and reflects your brand. Source Apart from this, your business website is a perfect place to showcase your Unique Selling Point … Read more

How to remove a logo from a photo online (4 different ways)

remove a logo from photo online

Often we are faced with a situation where it is necessary to quickly remove the logo from a photograph or image without having a powerful computer or Photoshop installed on hand. For example, you were photographed at a public event and you liked the photo so much that you want to post it on your social networks. But the photographer put the logo of his studio on the photo and you think that this brand name spoils the composition. So … Read more

How to Make a Logo with Online DesignEvo Logo Making Tool

DesignEvo Logo Making Tool

In most cases, creating your own logo is at the very beginning of a start-up. In addition to the alignment of the portfolio, customer acquisition, sooner or later, the question arises as to how one brand should be presented to the outside world. This applies to companies and start-ups as well as freelancers. In order to establish a company identity, the choice of the appropriate corporate design is of crucial importance. A corporate logo always includes a suitable logo. On … Read more

Create your own logo for free on your computer and mobile

Create your own logo for free on your computer and mobile - cropped TheLatestTechNews BackGrount Social

Have you started a business? Do you work in the society? Or would you just need a symbol for your family? Obtaining a professional logo is expensive, but there are several free options. Here are four sites and apps that help you create a professional quality logo for free. DesignEvo DesignEvo has thousands of logo templates that let you create free online logos in minutes. If you prefer to use the mobile or the tablet, DesignEvo also has a mobile … Read more