Security tools you need in 2020


As the 21st century progresses, technology forges ahead. Technology is nowhere close to where it was a decade ago. We rely more on the internet to do business, giving hackers a field day when we are lax on security. To protect your data in there are myriad cybersecurity measures you can take against threats such as: Ransomware Ransomware is one of the most common cyber threats in existence today. Hackers target large and small companies as well as individuals, and … Read more

How to Copy Thunderbird Emails to Outlook

How To Copy Thunderbird Emails To Outlook

The write-up showcases the best technical methods to help you know how to copy Thunderbird emails to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 & 2003. Mozilla Thunderbird is widely used around the world and can successfully manage multiple email accounts. It is the biggest competitor for Microsoft Outlook email client that dominates the desktop email client market. MS Outlook has an intuitive interface and a plethora of features that makes it the top choice for any professional firm. It also … Read more

How Spammers Spoof Your Email Address (and How to Protect Yourself)

How Spammers Spoof Your Email Address (and How to Protect Yourself) - content

In our daily routine, we come to hear about the email spamming, and most of us know spam from Stanger’s email. But seeing a strange email from our friend, or ourselves in our inbox itself is pretty disconcerting. If you have seen an email that looks similar to that from a friend that doesn’t mean that they have been hacked. Spammers are hovering over the internet spoof all address every time, and it is not hard to do so. And … Read more

What Are the Benefits of a Desktop Email Client

Laptop on Desk

The question of whether desktop email clients are better than webmail is rather similar to the undying riddle of the hen and the egg. Which one is older? The answers are well comparable, too, given that both the pro and contra arguments have plausible explanations, albeit no definite conclusion can be summed up.    Unlike with the hen and the egg, however, the latter question at least presents palpable parameters for argumentation. And while the choice of the type of … Read more

Email: Does It Still Matter in 2019

Glasses on Laptop

The debate whether email still serves its purpose in 2019 is ongoing. Statistics fly all over the place, with the opposition claiming social media have taken over, and supporters defending the service on grounds of marketing. There’s no denying that emails of today come with many a disadvantage, spam messages being just one. Still, research has shown that email campaigns remain by far most effective, displaying a stunning 90 percent of visibility, as compared to, say, 2 percent on Facebook’s … Read more