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Why Web Security is Essential in Digital Marketing 0

Why Web Security is Essential in Digital Marketing?

As the digital world increases in size, many businesses are working towards making more investments into their digital marketing campaign strategies. From conducting sufficient market research and creating an eye-catching business logo design to developing content accordingly, companies are doing whatever they can to make a place for themselves in the online market. And while...

Smart Bathroom Design 3

6 High-Tech Bathroom Trends to Improve Your Living

Bathrooms are no longer plain utilitarian spaces that we want to get in and out of as fast as possible. They are places of luxury, convenience and high-tech wonderment. Technology has been trending in home design for a while, with some of the most fun and life-improving trends popping up in the bathroom. From wireless...


How to use the proxy design pattern in .Net

Design patterns are used to solve the recurring problems and complexities in designing software applications. The Gang of Four design patterns are divided into three categories: creational, structural, and behavioral. Creational design patterns are used to create and manage the mechanism of creating instances of classes. Structural design patterns are used to define the structure...


Apple Design Awards highlight excellence in app and game design

Apple Design Awards highlight excellence in app and game designOn Monday, June 4, at the Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple celebrated the Apple Design Awards, recognizing the creative artistry and technical achievements of developers who reflect the best in design, innovation and technology on Apple platforms. This year’s award winners include developers from across the globe,...


Xiaomi CIGA Mechanical Watch – Hollow-out Design

The Xiaomi CIGA is a gorgeous Automatic Mechanical watch that features a hollow-out design. It also features a Sapphire dial and is also scratch resistant. Hollow-out Design and Sapphire Dial Key Features of the Xiaomi CIGA: Hollow-out Design (hollow-out pointer)


Xiaomi Mi Band 3 – New Design, Bigger Screen and Battery

The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is basically an upgrade of the Mi Band 2. This new Fitness Band features a much bigger 0.78 inch OLED Screen, 5ATM Waterproof, 110mAh Battery and much better looking design. New Design, Bigger Screen and Battery Main Features: 0.78 inch OLED Touch Screen Bigger screen, fit the width of the...

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New technology for enzyme design

Scientists have chemically modified the enzyme levansucrase using a new method. The enzyme can now produce sugar polymers that are exciting for applications in the food industry and medicine. … Top Technology News — ScienceDaily