AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin 21.4.1 announced

amd radeon software

AMD today announced AMD Radeon™ Software Adrenalin 21.4.1, the next edition of its software suite for AMD Radeon graphics, providing gamers, creators, and enthusiasts with incredible visual fidelity, ultra-responsive gaming, and advanced features to unlock the full potential of their AMD gaming experience. Developed with gamers in mind, the latest AMD Radeon Software release introduces powerful new features and capabilities to deliver an immersive and complete gaming experience. It features AMD Link1 for Windows®, allowing users to connect to their gaming PC from … Read more

High-Performance AMD Radeon GPUs to Power All-New Mac Pro

AMD Radeon GPUs

AMD earlier this week announced that its new AMD Radeon™ Pro Vega II GPUs will be included in the all-new Mac Pro. Built on industry-leading 7nm process technology, AMD Radeon™ Pro Vega II GPUs provide groundbreaking levels of graphics performance for computation-intensive tasks, including rendering, 8K video, video effects, and other high-end content creation workloads. AMD Radeon™ Pro Vega II GPUs provide exceptional computational performance by harnessing 7nm AMD Radeon Vega family GPUs, ultra-fast High Bandwidth Memory (HBM2), and AMD Infinity Fabric … Read more

Honor confirmed the launch of AMD Ryzen 7 powered Magicbook 2019

AMD Ryzen 7 powered Magicbook 2019

Last month Honor announced its Magicbook 2019 with Ryzen 5 series processor, and today the company confirmed the launch date of AMD Ryzen 7 version along with its price. Honor Magicbook 2019 with Ryzen 7 processor is priced at 4699 CNY ($683) and the prebooking of this version will start on May 14, while the first sale is scheduled for May 21 in China. In terms of specifications, Honor Magicbook 2019 comes with a 14-inch IPS FHD (1920×1080) anti-glare display, … Read more

ASRock Release New BIOS Updates To Support Future AMD Ryzen Processors For ASRock AM4 Series Motherboards

asrock series 300 motherboard

ASRock has announced this week that will release a new BIOS update for AMD X470/B450/X370/B350 and A320 series motherboards to support the soon to be released new AMD Ryzen processors. The latest BIOS update will be available for download from ASRock website or simply update through ASRock APP Shop. The latest BIOS for each motherboard are listed as below. BIOS are expected to be released in May. X470 Chipset BIOS Version X470 Taichi Ultimate P3.30 X470 Taichi P3.40 Fatal1ty X470 … Read more

AMD VS NVIDIA? Which is the Best? (GPU)

nvidia gpu

Gaming is just playing around the field or raging war but in really who gives the best graphic unit to system for better gameplay is also just like war. Renowned manufacturers tend to have the market to them based on tech especially when it came to game graphic processor unit and among these AMD and NVidia are best beast of all. Advanced Micro devices and NVidia just can’t beat each other when it came to best GPU each one tries … Read more

AMD FreeSync Support Slated for Inclusion in Linux Kernel 4.21


According to Michael Larabel of Phoronix, FreeSync support (or VESA Adaptive-Sync / HDMI VRR) is going to be merged with the upcoming Linux 4.21 kernel cycle. This will enable full FreeSync support for Linux gamers who own an AMD GPU! Mr Larabel also found new AMD Zen linux-firmware, and a workaround for the AMD Radeon RX 590 under Linux. Assuming no major last minute issues, the code should then be merged into the Linux 4.21 mainline kernel when its merge … Read more

AMD Apparently Waiting on DXR Until Entire Product Stack can Support It


This bit of news could become rather interesting in the months and years ahead. 4Gamer, a Japanese gamer site, apparently got to interview David Wang, the Senior Vice President of Engineering for Radeon Technologies Group, and ask about support for DirectX Raytracing, or DXR. His answer was that AMD will continue to focus on accelerated ray tracing for offline CG production using Radeon ProRender, which has had support for accelerated ray tracing for years now, but support for ray tracing … Read more