Fortnite: The glider redeploy feature is back

Fortnite has just received its first update of the year and it reintroduces the glider redeploy feature.

Back in November, Epic introduced this feature, allowing users to deploy their glider again at will whenever airborne.

After a mixed response from players, Epic pulled it soon after though.

Glider redeploy is now a consumable item

Up until now, you could only use your glider when you first left the battle bus or in special circumstances.

This patch reintroduces the feature but changes it so that the glider redeploy is a consumable item. That means you have to pick it up while scavenging to deploy your glider again.

Also included is a new scoped revolver and a bunch of new settings for Creative Mode. Go and grab Fortnite on the official site right now.

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