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Book Hotels on the Go with the New Travoline Hotel Booking App

Travoline Hotel Booking App

Travoline releases its new android mobile app to enable customers to book hotels, car rentals, and flights via a simple easy-to-use hotel booking app.

Travoline, one of the leading hotel booking websites, has launched its Android Mobile App to make it more convenient for customers to book hotels, flights, and car rentals on the go. Travoline hotel booking app is available in Google Play Store for customers to download.

With the advancement in technology it’s important to cater to the customers with the latest tech that would enable travelers to book hotels, car rentals, and flights much easier. Now, most of travel itineraries including flights, rental cars, and hotel stays are booked via online reservation. This gives the convenience to go through the hotel pictures, and reviews, check the proximity of the hotel from the airport, and many more attributes to choose the right hotels.

Now there are four different ways customers book hotels. One is via visiting the hotel directly, secondly using the online hotel booking websites, third is by opting for a travel agency, and now fourthly using a mobile hotel booking app. With the advancement and cutting-edge technology, booking hotels online and via the app is getting more popular day by day.

“To ease the process, Travoline has designed its web-based hotel booking app to serve customers across the globe. It’s an utmost important focus for us in providing a user-friendly design and fair market prices to our existing and new customers,” said Nishanthi, Managing Director of Travoline. “The app will benefit travelers by making it possible to book hotels available in real-time and providing instant hotel confirmation. Meanwhile, customers also can check and cancel the reservation with just a few simple steps.” She added.

Travoline will make life easy for travelers, who wish to travel to different places without prior booking. They can search for hotels in the location they prefer in just a few minutes and reserve the hotel.

The Travoline hotel booking app is now available on Google Play Store for Android OS. Soon a version will be launched for iPhone users as well.

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