Tapping Potential Facebook Features for Online Customer Engagement

As an owner, Facebook deeply impacts your online business presence. Millions of Smartphone users use it to get post updates from their favorite brands or even products.

This is where your company’s leads and customer engagement come from. Many small to big businesses having Facebook Pages stated how their social media profiles help in driving traffic to their website. But, if you are unable to notice likes, comments, or shares on your posts, then it’s time to change the use of Facebook features and tools to optimum capacity.

It is necessary to get into the thinking zone to watch carefully where you or your franchise businesses are lacking and what your strong points are. Instead of hustling much, let’s take a sneak peek into how you can engage consumers through Facebook.

Customizing Your Website Content for Facebook

An SEO-optimized content full of long-tail keywords and trending keywords makes sense. It attracts organic traffic to your website. With the shift in the Facebook Algorithm, most businesses are not able to get maximum likes, shares, and comments on their posts. But, tailor-making your content for Facebook will do the job beautifully. Don’t do the clickbait stuff to get more traffic to your business website, instead curate the content that will tempt users to visit your website. A shocking statistics post, bold opinions, a ‘how-to’ solution guide, motivational posts, etc. can surely take you a long way in customer engagement.

Increased Use Of Live Videos

The rolling out of new algorithms does impact the post status but Facebook has openly given preference to Facebook Live. Facebook stated that doing live business videos or live trivia events will help you get almost six times more customer engagement. This is more than what a regular video will provide. You can even show ‘behind-the-scenes footage about how your team and franchisees prepared for the event, some glimpses of the products, and much more. The only thing to keep in mind is to appoint a staff to quickly reply to audience queries or comments that will be given during live streaming.

Improving Facebook Ads Performance

A well-optimized Facebook Ad does help with overall customer engagement. These Ads focus on the fallback of your users to your business website. Facebook has recently announced its improved Ad metrics which is Cost per Purchase Metric.  This Ad metrics will replace all other Ad metrics that will be channelized through websites, mobiles, or offline modes.

You can visit the Facebook Business Help Center which provides an insight into ads metrics. A comprehensive and robust marketing plan from product specialists at Digital Logic and its digital marketing experts will improve your Facebook Ad metrics. Even your brand franchisees can also run these same Ad metrics for proper user engagement.

Responsive and Professional Brand Website

A Facebook Page alone is not going to give you a boost. You need to have a professional and easy-to-navigate mobile-responsive website too. The reason is, customers buy from brands that have a web presence too. If you are just bragging about yourself and your franchise businesses without any concrete basis, then it can slow down user engagement. Yes, customers do like social media presence but they want to see the professional aspect of a brand too.

Excellent customer engagement is only possible if they can relate to your brand emotionally and how it offers a remarkable solution. If your franchise is located near specific areas, do inform your users through Facebook posts for more consumer engagement.

Use Facebook Stories and CTA Features

Apart from SEO-optimized posts that relate personally to the audiences, the use of Facebook stories and CTA at the end of your posts boosts user engagement manifold. Make your Facebook stories more personalized by sharing thoughts of influencers, celebs, marketers, your brand’s franchisees, DMs or Direct Messages from customers, etc. 300+ million Facebook users use Facebook stories that call for an increase in the brand’s business. Even CTA buttons at the end of the posts like the Book Your Appointment, the Install Now button for downloading and installing the company’s app, Website Link, Check Offers, Shop Now, etc. makes things personalized for the customers.

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Wrapping Up

Facebook Marketing and Promotion involves much more than just posting an advertisement or a story. It’s a perspective that shows how your brand functions over the internet. Even it displays your franchisee marketing that helps customers to acknowledge your market hold. An excellent thing you can do is use these Facebook features and related digital marketing services to boost your user and brand engagement. Each feature plays a vital role in attracting a great amount of ROI.

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