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How Can You Increase Your Design Creativity?

For every single designer out there creativity is important. There are many misconceptions that are associated with creativity but what you have to understand is that all people out there are creative. This does include you. However, you need to practice this creativity. With this in mind, here are some ways in which you can increase your design creativity. Although there are many other things that can be said, these will help you out really fast.

Find Your Inspiration

You need to find your muse or your inspiration. It is something that is obvious but most designers out there do not know what inspires them. Muses can be found in memories, music, in situations, in nature and in basically anything. As soon as you find it, refer back to your inspiration whenever you want to be creative. Yes, you can actually activate creativity on demand.

Surround Yourself With Creative People

The more creative people surround you, the higher the possibility that your creativity will be increased. This does not only refer to those that sit next to you. It is also about the music that you listen and the books that you read. For instance, when you only listen to musicians that are truly talented, you may come up with some creative ideas that you never considered in the past.

Play Creative Video Games

Let’s face it! Most designers out there love video games. Even if you do not play something now, there is a huge possibility that you will be able to enhance your creativity when you choose games that enhance this creativity. For instance, let us consider Minecraft. Its World Edit feature allows you to create basically anything you would imagine by using squares. Some people built castles one square at a time. Look at what others create, see what you can improve and you may come up with new ideas that can be used in anything you want.

Don’t Linger! Create!

This is the best advice that you will ever receive in your entire life. No matter what you do, you need to continue to create. You cannot improve creativity if you do not use it. Even in the event that you do not feel inspired, you can try to come up with something new. Try it and after some time, you will notice that more ideas will appear in a shorter period of time. As an extra tip, try to put yourself in various positions that constantly require creativity. The more you practice, the more creative you will become as a designer!

On the whole, creativity is all about challenging yourself and going over the limits that you have at the moment. This is only possible if you keep your eyes open and you constantly look for opportunities to be creative.

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