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Hiring New Employees After Covid-19? Here’s How You Can Make the Workplace Safer

Εarlier this year, the COVID-19 pandemic rocked the world and caused businesses, schools, air travels, and lots more to shut down. Then came the myriad of safety precautions to curtail the spread of the virus, ranging from face masks to social distancing, hand sanitizers, and more.

The period was tough on many businesses that had to shut down their doors, with millions of people losing their jobs. But as the curve has begun to flatten, many companies have sprung back to life. And as former employees resume, they may need to bring in new hires. However, what is undeniable is how COVID-19 has radically influenced our perception of work.

Workplace safety, in particular, now extends beyond what we previously thought it was. That’s why we’re going to explore how you can make the workplace safer as you bring in new hires.

The Importance of Background Checks

Now more than ever, the importance of background checks cannot be overemphasized. The entire landscape is tense, and this means there’s a greater need to bring in people with the right morals and attitude, that will follow all safety guidelines and get their job done effectively. If the new starter is working with vulnerable people like children, a comprehensive background check like working with children’s check should in no instance be overlooked or skipped.

Other checks like a national police check, for instance, will provide adequate insight into the criminal past of a potential applicant. This way, it becomes easier to stay away from applicants with a consistent record of violence or a sex offender, as they can potentially threaten workplace safety.

There is also a need for less physical interactions during this period. This means employers have to hire people that know how to get the job done with little assistance. Education and previous employment verification can help employers assess the capabilities of candidates to determine their suitability.

Due to the financial troubles this pandemic has caused for a lot of folks, there might be an increased pressure for employees to engage in fraudulent acts to make ends meet. A credit history check can help employers assess the financial circumstances of potential hires and even current employees to determine their suitability for functioning in money-related roles.

Providing Emotional Support

Employers also have to understand that the pandemic has taken a toll on a lot of people. Many people lost their jobs. Some even lost a friend, family, or relative to the virus. Some even had to fight for their lives after contracting the virus. That’s why employers need to provide emotional support to their employees, especially those that were most hit as they may still be struggling with depression or sadness. It’s the responsibility of the employer to aid them to make a smooth transition back to work.

Safety Precautions Looking Forward

Here are some of the things employers need to bear in mind.

  • Many jobs can be done remotely

This period forced many companies to implement a work-from-home policy. And for the most part, it’s been a success. Since social distancing rules have to be implemented in the workplace, companies should encourage their staff to work remotely, if it’s possible, as this is safer.

  • Workplace safety

To maintain workplace safety, here are some of the safety precautions employers can put in place:

  1. Encouraging sick employees to stay at home.
  2. Monitoring employee temperatures to know whom to let into the building.
  3. Proper workplace sanitation.
  4. Wearing a face mask at all times.
  5. Less workplace talking, more emails.
  6. Shutting down of high-risk areas like break rooms.
  7. Ensuring social distancing in the sitting arrangements.

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