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Why users need PST to Office 365 migration software

All the users around the world who are using Office 365 for their professional as well as for personal work are very well about the features of the platform. Microsoft 365 is the most trusted platform when it comes to the security of the data. Although PST (Personal storage table) is also a reliable platform to store data still users want all their data to be migrated to Office 365. While migrating the PST file it will not only migrate the new data but will also import the old PST file data. Therefore, users are looking for the PST to Office 365 migration solution so that they can easily migrate their data to Microsoft 365 effortlessly.

We will be sharing the method to migrate the PST file, so go through the following blog to find the perfect migration solution.

Why is there a need to migrate PST to Office 365?

Many users are willing to proceed with PST to Office 365 migration process. All the users using Outlook to store their data can migrate it to Office 365. Microsoft 365 has various features that allow users to shift their data to Microsoft 365. Everyone knows that most organizations rely on this platform.

Users must import PST to Outlook for improved outcomes if they want to take advantage of the platform. There are many reasons why users want to migrate PST to Office 365. Check out some of the reasons.

  • Office 365 provides a subscription plan for users and better security features.
  • By migrating PST to Office 365, it will be easy for users to access the data anytime, anywhere, and through any device.
  • Office 365 has advanced security features that back up Microsoft 365 regularly and timely.
  • Data is the most valuable thing for the businessperson, and they really cannot afford to lose any of it. Therefore, migrating PST to Office 365 will be better for users so that their data can be saved from any accidental deletion or virus attack.

Ways to conduct PST to Office 365 migration

The migration process is complicated; users require vast knowledge to conduct the task smoothly. Consequently, there are two ways, to begin with the task, that is the manual method, and the other one is the professional third-party tool. Both process is accessible to the users, hence users can decide on the method they are comfortable with. The manual method is risky for the users as only the technical hands can perform the task carefully.

With the manual method, there is no guarantee that it will migrate the data completely. Thus, we urge users to try the professional third-party tool to import PST to Outlook for quick results. The professional tool will instantly migrate the data.

What is the best option for importing PST to Office 365?

The Shoviv PST to Office 365 Migration tool is one of the preeminent tools every user looks for. It is available for users anywhere and anytime, thus they can go with this utility if they want to import their data to Office 365. This tool comes with various unique features that will urge users to try this tool and here are some of its features. The tool is built with a highly advanced algorithm, due to the high software processing speed. Users can add multiple PST files to the software and migrate them all into Office 365 account. This software does not allow duplicate data to migrate into the target account.

  • The software effortlessly migrates PST to Office 365 without any bugs.
  • The software can import the data in no time.
  • Users can add large-size PST files, as there is no size restriction.
  • The users do not have to worry about the duplicity of the data as this tool takes care of it effortlessly.
  • The tool saves the PST file in numerous formats like MSG, EML, vCal, vCard, and HTML.
  • The tool runs with the full Microsoft Outlook version.
  • The software maintains the hierarchy of the folder and data originality.
  • The tool offers a preview option so users can preview the data once before proceeding with the migration process.
  • After completing the task, the software will prepare a live report of the entire process so that users can check out every step.
  • The software has a fantastic interface that helps the users to complete the whole process with no trouble.
  • It can export the PST file to Live Exchange very easily.

Final Words

All users keen to begin with PST to Office 365 migration can do it with the mentioned tool in the above content. The tool provides all the essential features that users require to complete the task. The software guarantee user for a complete migration and users do not have to worry about their crucial data with this utility. Please go through the entire blog to get the full knowledge of it.

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