VPN Mini Router

VPN Mini Router

VPN Mini Router

  • VPN Router: Mini wireless portable VPN router; Convert the public wireless network to your private network and share the WIFI signals with up to 10 devices at the same time; Support wifi devices including computers, laptops, smartphones, Tablet, TV boxes, Kindle, Xbox, Playstation, etc;
  • SMALL & EASY SETUP: The smallest VPN router, as small as the thumb drive & super lightweight; Simple instruction with No APP & No technical knowledge required, 3 steps easy setup; 3 Years Free VPN & no extra cost;
  • SECURE: Browse with Ad blocking; Watch streaming videos with up to 17 Mbps OpenVPN speeds (Depending on the Wi-Fi Network and Connected Devices); Perfect for travelers in coffee shops, hotels, airports, and anywhere suitable;
  • PRIVATE: 3 different Modes available, switch in needs from Default mode to Full mode or Tor mode; Provide access point & globally distributed lines with automatic updates; Easy access to the VPN region by choosing the location of the proxy server; Mask the IP address to protect your online privacy; Keep the sensitive information safe;
  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT: 30 Days money back guarantee + 1 year Warranty with unlimited Technical support from: [email protected]; Noted: NOT the intended use for Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Fire Stick etc;

Enjoy greater protection, at home and on the go. Butterflyvpn Traveler is the tiniest VPN device that is specially designed for travelers. It works with all devices and accesses blocked web pages and social networks while providing a private and stable wifi network to up to 10 devices.

No more “404”, enjoy the internet the way it should be.

Always up-to-date with your shows — even overseas.

Protect privacy with features like anonymous browsing, protecting privacy, masking ID thieves you can browse freely.

Guarantee: 1-year FREE hardware maintenance. Your average spend on this device is only USD.1 per day.No hidden costs.

[Only 3 Steps, A Safe and Unlimited Internet]

1. Power up your ButterflyVPN;
2. Connect it to the existing Wi-Fi and create your network;
3. Start surfing the Internet freely.

No app downloads. No credit card is required. No signup or login.

Size: 94.5 * 29 * 8.5 mm/color: white / Hardware Configuration: 16MB Flash, 64MB memory / Frequency band 2.4G, the maximum rate of 300Mbps

Setting page

Unlimited technical support Provide friendly, easy-to-reach support.
Worry-Free Warranty Butterflyvpn team has total confidence in our products and backs them with a 12-month warranty.
We’re the only brand in the industry that will replace any defective product with a brand-new one in the whole 12 months, no questions asked.

NOTE: NOT the intended use for Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and fire Stick etc.

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