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Qualcomm Layoff Affects ARM Server Division

Qualcomm is laying off 269 staff members with jobs related to its ARM server division. Qualcomm hasn’t announced that it is done with servers, but all indications lead to that conclusion. The Centriq 64-bit 48-core Arm-compatible data-center-grade processor project still lives on through the HXT server joint venture in China.

The Broadcom takeover bid, Qualcomm cutting $ 1 billion in losses, failed NXP acquisition, and the layoff of 1,200 employees all negatively affected the company this year. When Qualcomm shareholders began debating the merits of the Broadcom deal, Qualcomm executives killed Centriq to cut costs. The layoffs will occur on February 6th. At the end of November this year, a year on from Centriq’s bombastic launch party in Silicon Valley, HXT revealed its Thang Long 4800 server processor was in “mass production.”

The specifications of the Thang Long match the specs of the Centriq 2400, such as core count, Samsung 10nm fabrication node, and Armv8 architecture, so we figure it’s the pretty much the same chip. Thus, Centriq lives on, in China, while Qualcomm’s larger dream of global data center triumph ripples away. Discussion
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