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Is a Smart Reusable Notebook Really That Smart?

Smart Reusable Notebook

Nowadays, productivity and communication are more enhanced effectively with the use of mobile technology such as cell phones, tablets, and the like over the last 20 years. However, the traditional pen and paper notebook has largely stayed the same. Most analog users, which is you and me, still appreciates the face that paper notebook is something that has yet to be replaced by digital screens. It is still the best to write something down on a notebook for getting that ideas and flow of creativity going. Hardly, all the instancy of paper won’t always be compatible with work that happens on your computer. You can’t really precisely email your notebook to yourself.

If you are not yet familiar with a Smart Reusable Notebook, you better read this if you can’t live without a pen and paper in school or work. This kind of notebook bridges the gap between the physical and digital by shifting all your handwritten notes to your computer. Pretty amazing?

Save everything in the cloud

save in the cloud

Why do we use a notebook? It’s for us to effectively jot down impromptu ideas as quickly as possible. The problem is, after you have written every detail your brain-blasts to paper is that they only get covered under grocery lists or get lost among the piled up unmarked pages. You have to thank technology now because with a smart notebook, every page has a row of unique icons that you can link to a specific location in any major cloud storage service. Just finished writing an outline for your next novel? Send it instantly over to your folder. Most smart notebook can be linked with seven locations, making an archival backup as fluid as possible. With the help of the seven icons along with a QR code, these icons can interact to the app of whichever reusable notebook you use and the app is free both for iOS and Android and convert your work into the digital world, employing technological advances of modern mobile communication. You can save your work directly to your cloud to your preferred productivity programs including Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, OneNote, Slack, Box, iCloud and text messages.

Completely erase everything in the microwave

smart book

What? How is it possible? Did I read it right? Don’t get too shocked, because you read that correctly. You can also microwave your notebook alongside with your popcorn. All of your scribbles will disappear in case you want to reuse the entire notebook again just by giving it a quick blast of radiation from your microwave. All your scribbles will be gone in no time. We are not sure how Science made this possible and we don’t want to be too much techy with this matter! All we know is that your notebook will return to its original form just by piping it hot. And there you have, full blank pages ready to get filled with ink again. If you don’t want to use a microwave, there are reusable notebooks that can be erased just by wiping the pages with a damp napkin.

Comes with a Pilot FriXion Pen

Since the notebook is created to be microwaved to erase everything and start over, a thermo-sensitive ink technology like the Pilot FriXion pen is included with it. There is great writing experience with a FriXion pen. It has a gel tip feel that makes writing smooth with just a little pressure put on the page. We suggest that if you are heavy handed, you have to write with as little pressure as possible to lessen the impression of where you had previously written.

Aside from being able to erase all the scribbles on the entire notebook, if you need to erase a small written mistake, the pen comes with a plastic nub on the barrel so you can rub away the writing on your page. What you will love with its eraser is that there is no eraser dust.

This notebook suits students, designers, engineers, managers and the like. It’s great to name your notes, manage them to different folders and edit them quickly as long as you save and organize them in your smartphone or tablet. This notebook is to serve the purpose of a creative outlet for writing, drawing, sketching, and jotting down raw ideas. If you want to share your work, you can easily send it using its integrated mobile technology. You can always go back to the drawing board as the ink can be erased. Plus it’s worth buying because you help save trees without having to buy and buy new notebooks. So, what do you think? Would it help you with effective workflow and productivity? Would you consider buying one?

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