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ZTE Launches New-Generation DTH STB

ZTE Corporation, earlier this week has launched a new generation of HD DTH STB, ZXV10 B710S2-A15. 

As one of ZTE’s latest DVB home media terminals, ZXV10 B710S2-A15 features high performance, ultra-fast switching, and easy upgrade, and aims at facilitating the service development of clients in the DTH market.  
Empowered by a high-performance 32-bit dual-core processor, this STB supports 10bit H.264/HEVC hard decoding. Its video resolution is up to 1080P60 and its channel switching time is less than 1 second, allowing users to enjoy a clear, smooth, and premium viewing experience. 

In addition, this STB supports two upgrade modes, OTA and USB, which can realize flexible operation and maintenance for operators and zero touches for end users. Also, it supports the satellite digital TV standards, DVB-S and DVB-S2, facilitating fast service deployment and smooth upgrade, thereby significantly lowering the CAPEX for operators. In collaboration with the mainstream digital encryption system (CAS) vendors, ZTE integrates the complete decryption solution to effectively protect operators’ content copyrights.     

As a world-leading provider of home media terminals, ZTE has been committed to the R&D and sales of the home media terminals. To date, ZTE’s STBs have been adopted by more than 120 sites in over 45 countries around the world.

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