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What Are The Best YouTube Analytics Tools In 2021?

Did you know that YouTube is the world’s second most visited website after its parent company Google? Well, it’s the myriad features that have made YouTube so much success worldwide. The potential of YouTube has been proved by its two billion-plus users across a range of demographics.

From individual YouTubers to leading multinational brands, YouTube has space for everyone who wants to leverage the channel for the correct use. To know whether you are made for YouTube or vice-versa, data and analysis are very crucial as it helps in framing the right YouTuber strategy. YouTube analysis will let you know where you are going right and what is stopping you from topping the charts.

Understanding The Youtube Ecosystem, which comprises YouTube users, content creators, and advertisers, is the main component of YouTube analysis. Therefore, read our list on the best YouTube Analytics tool in 2021 and see how you can get hold of the YouTube data, analyze it, and implement it to your advantage.

Five Best YouTube Analytics Tools In 2021

Best YouTube Analytics Tools
  1. YouTube Analytics:

YouTube Analytics is a pretty in-depth tool that helps you understand how your uploaded videos are performing and the demographics of the YouTube users who watch them. The tool is available under the Studio section of your YouTube channel and provides you with a large amount of data with ample options to segment them and arrive at the proper insight for you.

You can also check the overall traffic arriving at your channel over time to know your performance level against yourself factually. Such insights will be of great help to identify any particular peak time and seasonality that you may add to your current strategy for improvement.

The tool has an option that allows you to see your top-performing videos and whether their best performance is due to watching duration or by views. Besides, you can also learn from where you’re getting your traffic from.

With the help of the Audience tab, you will be able to fetch information about your viewer’s age, gender, and location.

  1. Brandwatch Consumer Research:

Through this analytical tool, you can access tons of YouTube data to analyze. Apart from seeing the response, you’re getting on your content, Brandwatch Consumer Research will also show you the trending topic that is being talked about by the whole of YouTube?

For instance, you could construct a query to trace when your brand finds a mention on YouTube video titles, comments, and descriptions. By visualizing this data, you will be able to quickly create a dashboard that will give you a look at the major topics that relate to your brand, where it has been mentioned, and the emotions and sentiments surrounding it.

In short, if you build a dashboard, you will be able to look at the brand mentions over time, the new areas around which you can create your content, and the reach of your marketing campaigns. To analyze your content, this tool will let you set up queries and rules that will allow you to see what your viewers are saying or commenting on, how they feel about it, and the other topics they are bringing up. Grouping specific videos into categories are also possible with this tool.

You have the advantage of bringing all the above together into a custom dashboard that will suit your requirements. This tool is potent as it helps you understand what your viewers think about your videos and brand. In this manner, you shape your future content strategy and improvise on your video offering.

  1. BuzzSumo:

BuzzSumo is a new analytics tool for YouTube, which became famous as a content marketing tool after releasing its YouTube Analyzer. The tool comes with some exceptional features that will enable you to track your performance, analyze specific videos, and keep an eye on your competitor channels.

If you want to search for ideas for your new videos, all you have to do is use a relevant keyword, and the tool will serve you with a list of the most popular videos made on that topic in less than 2 seconds. To be specific, you can rank these resultant videos by comments, views, and likes & dislikes votes.

You can also apply the above function of BuzzSumo on a specific YouTube channel to see what are their most popular or least popular videos.

  1. Social Blade:

Social Blade is an analytical tool that will offer you a quick analysis of your channel along with the historical changes in your views and subscribers. This tool is entirely browser-based and relatively simple to use. But, at the same time it is powerful and insightful that can give you leverage over your competitors.

When using Social Blade, you type your YouTube channel name, and you will receive statistics on your channel’s views, subscribers, and ranking within your domain. Furthermore, you can use Social Blade to get future projections for your track and find identical channels as well.

You can even search for competitors’ channels and get an idea of their performance and what more they’re doing. The tool also has a comparing feature where you can put your channel and your rival channel side by side and see who is dominating.

Last Words

The YouTube Analytics Tools listed above are of great use. They will help you analyze the performance of your videos, check what the YouTube users are talking about the most, how well your rivals’ videos are doing, and discover the channels and influencers with whom working together will be beneficial for you.


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