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Tips to organize your time and work

To obtain good results during your workday, completing essential tasks without having to work overtime, it is essential to organize your time and work.

Although many companies consider that working extra hours to finish work is fine, the reality is that this only means working with less efficiency and productivity, generating stress, making hasty decisions and increasing incidents. Increasing the working day not only negatively affects individual tasks, but also influences the environment with the team, spreading a bad work environment and generating errors in the transmission of communication and information.

Despite this, in many countries working overtime is frowned upon, as it means that the employee has not been able to properly manage their time and may not complete their tasks in the most satisfactory way.

To solve it, it is important to follow some tips and recommendations to organize your time at work and thus make the most of the working day.

Highlight urgent tasks

To start your day right, the first management of the day consists of prioritizing and classifying those tasks that most urgently need to be solved. We must know how to differentiate between urgent tasks (with which we have to act immediately), important tasks (basic to meet the company’s objectives), and non-important tasks (they can wait to be done since they do not require a high level of involvement) . Jotting them down to cross them off once done is a satisfying exercise that gives you more energy to tackle the next task on the list.

Establish a routine

Once the priority of the tasks is clear, the next thing is to manage a work schedule to follow with the distribution of these tasks and the time to dedicate to them. Managing your time is really important and having certain ways or kit to know well your hours, like having time cards, is essential, If it is followed correctly there will be no problems in completing everything that needs to be done on time. One tip is to start with routine tasks such as sending and answering emails, making important calls and thus later delving into projects and new tasks that follow your schedule.

Overcome repetitive tasks

There are always very repetitive tasks on a weekly and even daily level, with which we hate ourselves and put off doing it out of laziness. To avoid this, a recommendation is to distribute them and carry them out on different days or time slots, thus having more enthusiasm and time to carry them out.

Get used to delegating

Although many managers find it difficult to leave important tasks in the hands of other employees, you have to know how to trust people and give them a vote of confidence. That does not mean that we stop being responsible for these tasks, but if you have your team of professionals it will make you focus on your own work and your team will thank you for that independence and work confidence.

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Being multitasking is not the solution

Multitasking is not good for personal performance, as it prevents our brain from focusing on what really matters. The ideal is to start with one task and once finished, start with another, and so on repeatedly with the others. In this way, you save time from incidents and distractions and make sure that you do not leave anything halfway.

Forget about electronics

Being in the middle of a task it is important to disconnect from technology, both from the mobile phone and its applications, social networks, mail … This way you make sure you are fully focused on that task that you will finish much faster if you do not interrupt it with external distractions.

Take your minutes of pause

Despite having to follow a daily routine, neither the brain nor the body will act in the same way if they do not rest for a second. You can take a few minutes of rest between tasks, or break breaks to eat or drink something, recovering strength for the next task.

Thus, the solution is to dedicate the necessary and deserved time to each task, without haste or reproach. In this way, good organizational management will increase, increasing labor productivity and, therefore, improving quality of life.

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