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How AVL Technology Improves Fleet Maintenance Metrics

AVL technology is now the norm for all fleet vehicles owing to the many benefits it offers. The only variations are the features your particular GPS software has. When choosing one for a fleet company, you need to make some considerations to enjoy all of the benefits.

·         The number of vehicles in your fleet

·         The geographic location they cover

·         Whether or not the GPS software can be updated to the latest version or not

·         How accessible the software is on mobile devices

·         How effective it is for your business

Installing an AVL for your vehicles should be easy through the help of an expert. On top of live monitoring to know the location of the vehicles at any time, you will also get to plan proper maintenance for your fleet vehicles.

Keeping Vehicle Maintenance Data

AVL is quite effective in transmitting more data about the vehicle and has a routing capability. First of all, the AVL will tell you the number of vehicles that are on the road and working properly and identify those that are sitting in the repair garage. Surprisingly, the AVL will be in a position to let you know whether the vehicles under maintenance only need regular maintenance or if they have more severe problems. This is because they keep data on the distance covered for fleet managers to know when the next service is due. For this reason, you need to install this technology from a reputable company like

The other helpful feature for maintaining an excellent maintenance metric for your fleet is the routing options. Vehicles that drive on more off-road routes, rough terrain and mountainous roads may require additional check-ups compared to the in-town delivery vehicles. AVL will gather the routing data for all vehicles and prepare reports that the management can use to schedule regular check-ups for the vehicles.

Trucks and buses that cross national borders can locate recommended service bays and fuel stations through the use of AVL. Big fleet companies usually collaborate with such service stations to provide maintenance for their vehicles. It is through the help of the AVL software that drivers can locate these stations. The managers at the station can also monitor the progress of service in real-time and advise the truck drivers on the best way forward.

The Future of AVL

For now, AVL is using GPS technology. AVL technology has been very successful, and the future is even brighter. The innovators and manufacturers are working on incorporating live camera feed to enhance the services of AVL. This way, a mechanic can guide the driver remotely if the driver is stranded somewhere in the middle of nowhere and must perform minor vehicle repairs. Managers will also be in a position to obtain more precise and detailed data about the vehicle.


As seen from these insights, AVL is not only about determining the location of the vehicle. It has other uses that include the provision of data that assists in the maintenance of the vehicles. Therefore, it is a useful technology that should be used by all fleet companies.

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