6 Places To Look For A Guest Posting

places to look for a guest posting

You are investing hours in finding the best suitable relevant guest posting sites for guest posting. Guest posting places searching means you are spending hours analyzing the performance of the site. Evaluate the DA and DR to see the other relevant areas, then approach the blogger for guest posting.

Many times the bloggers do not accept your request. You also agree with me that the guest posting site finding is more of the guess and perceptions. Many times these guesses are not working, and your success chances are becoming less.

Guest posting is not only helping you to attract new audiences, but your site authority is also getting improved. When you know your audience’s requirements, you only have to find a suitable guest posting site. Then your all work is turning to be more simple.

What To Look When You Are Doing Guest Posting

Guest posting places searching is not time-consuming or challenging work. Only you have to check some criteria to find a suitable place.

Here are the criteria to which you need to give special attention before the guest posting services. These all criteria should be analyzed before the guest posting for this work. The professional blogger outreach service is the best option to minimize your analysis and guest posting-related hard work.

  • Take a close look at the traffic state of the guest posting site.
  • Know their target audience’s requirements.
  • Find the niche of the guest posting sites.
  • Choose the sites which have the social media reach.
  • Built-in analytical tools are going to be a great help. Choose the guest posting sites which have this.
  • Always go through the other guest posting of the websites.

When you are searching for the best suitable guest posting sites for your websites, these criteria will help you find the most convenient places for guest posting. But these workers are a bit time taking.

6 Places To Find The Guest Posting

Your all searching-related hard work is ending here. When you already know the exact places where you will get the maximum number of audiences. That should be your best suitable destination.

Here are the top six places for guest posting.

1.   Business Insider

For the subject matter expert, your most suitable location for the guest posting is the business insider. Most of the business-related news journals are posted in the business insider. If you want to be a regular insider, you first have to know what their expectations are from your guest post.

Business insider is giving special attention to increasing the viewer’s engagements through the research work. Every article must have to fulfill these criteria to do the research. First research means detailed research. Then do the guest posting. Always give special attention to writing your post content as engaging as possible.

2.   Alexa

Guest posting is not only for earning the backlinks for your websites. Guest posting is the biggest opportunity to create outreach to the maximum new number of new audiences. Alexa is the biggest example of this. Alexa is one of the high-ranking websites for guest posting.

From Alexa, you will get information about the guest posting sites. As Alexa has a huge no of guest posts. You can easily find your targeted guest posting sites from their published areas. Now in 2021, Alexa is one of the most popular guest posting sites.

3.   Hub Spot

What type of niches do you have? Are you from the sales and marketing departments? Then Hubspot is the most suitable guest blogging site for you. Hub spot has four special segments: Marketing, sales, service, and websites. The biggest advantage of Hubspot is they have very stable followers. And work as a great source of information.

They have special individual guidelines for each segment. If you are interested in becoming a regular Hubspot guest blogger, do first check the requirements and the guest blogging site guidelines. Then make the mail proposal for the guest posting.

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4.   About

This is a popular multi-subject guest posting site. Hundreds of writers and bloggers are posting their articles here. When you want to choose multiple niche sites, this is going to be the best one. About offering a long-term relationship. It means no random blogger and the writers can post their article here. They only accept the bloggers and the writers who are in their agreement.

The main criteria to becoming the About guest posting are you have to publish detailed, informative content here. Because like the fixed writer and blogger About also have fixed followers. To get the maximum attention of the audience, information is the only key.

5.   Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is another great choice for the multiple subject guest posting. Any type of business-related guest posting has the same number of audiences. This guest posting site is best for entrepreneurs. The biggest advantage of the entrepreneur is they specifically do not have any guidelines.

The entrepreneur guest postings are mainly about entrepreneurship, social media, business, marketing, and finance. As an entrepreneur does not have any specific guidelines, this site is very suitable for new bloggers and writers. The experiment is the key to attracting audiences. The entrepreneur is giving that opportunity to their guest posting writers.

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6.   Mashable

For fashion beauty and new technology, Mashable is the best choice for guest posting. The new technology and the entertainment-related news are the biggest attraction of the site. For the new online journalist and the tech, gigs are getting the opportunity to find the audiences.

Mashaba has the guideline for the guest postings. So always take a look at the guest posting guidelines before writing the guest post for Mashable.

Wrapping It Up:

Guest posting is not only the medium to reach out the new audiences. When you post your guest posting article on a high authority site, your site value is also getting increases. So what is your planning? Are you going to search the high authority website by yourself or take professional help from the blogger outreach services? Do not forget to comment back to us.

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