3 Benefits Of Using Led Outdoor Flood Light Bulbs

Led lighting has changed the way power bills used to be a decade back or so. The reason behind the change is the energy efficiency of the lights. Why LED lights are everywhere, and why people are investing on LED lights to change their age old previous lighting systems globally. Residential to commercial lighting, everywhere LED lights have been introduced, and now even outdoor flood lights are also LED lights. There must be some strong reasons which brought such a revolution in usage of lights worldwide. Being the administrator of a stadium or sports complex, you also must have got demonstrations and marketing presentations from LED light manufacturers to set LED outdoor lights or stadium lights in place of old halogens. Here are 3 benefits of using LED outdoor flood light bulbs which makes these better choice than existing and old metal halogen lights and high power Sodium lights.

  • Low power consumption

Low power consumption of LED lights is one of the main reasons for the popularity of the lights. LED lights use lesser than half the power the normal lights use. The same amount of luminosity can be achieved with LED lights with much lower power consumption compared to metallic hal8es. The normal high power sodium light or metallic halides used in stadiums and sports complexes to light up the area uses a lot of power. If you just ponder on the fact that a 500 watt LED light can replace a 2000 watt metal halite, without any compromise on luminosity or quality of light, then you would know the importance of LED flood lights and stadium lights. When low power is consumed, the power bills get lower by more than half. This brings on great savings. To know how much of a difference can make on your monthly bill turning on devices that aren’t in use, you should consult with your light company. Hence the switch to LED lighting from normal high power halides in stadiums and sports complexes, where high power lights are a must, the investment shows its worth soon.

  • Generation of less heat

Less heat is generated by LED lights than the normal stadium lights. When a LED light is lighted, it uses 95% percent of energy input to it to generate light. Only 5% of the energy is wasted compared to the high amount of heat generation in older version of stadium lights. Halogen lights and high power sodium lights generate lots of heat. This is not friendly for the environment, and also adds to huge loss of energy. This reduces energy efficient of old technology lights. But LED lights generate too little heat, and lots of light, and hence consumes power the best.

  • Energy efficiency

This is the overall third importance factor that rules the popularity and use of LED lights. A stadium would need a lot of flood lights to illuminate the ground. If the lights are all old technology high power sodium lights, then obviously the amount of power needed, amount of heat generated, and the power bills all would be high. This useless consumption can be lowered to huge extent by use of LED outdoor flood light bulbs.

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