An Overview of Continuous Integration of SQL Server Database


Continuous integration (CI) is the practice of integrating the isolated databases as soon as they are pushed into an ordinary source control repository. During the early stage of the continuous integration concept, the rule of thumb followed by database admins was of daily integration. However, lately, it is widespread that constant integration is done many times a day. Each change passes through a well-structured testing plan, which runs automatically as and when the changes are detected in the repository. If … Read more

How to Utilize Emergency State for Corrupt SQL Server Database Repair


“I could not use the SQL Server database for some days due to numerous error messages. Whenever I try to access the data, one or another error message pops up. I think that the database has become severely corrupt and that is why these errors are appearing. I have also noticed that the database has gone into the Suspect mode. I do not know how to fix a database that is in suspect mode. I read somewhere that I should … Read more

SysTools SQL Recovery

SysTools SQL Recovery - sql recovery

Repair Corrupt MDF & NDF SQL Server Database & Export into SQL Server Database The SysTools SQL Recovery tool, a versatile and useful solution to resolve the corruption issue of SQL database files (MDF) effectively. Get the software to recover SQL file with the option to fix corrupt SQL database here and know how the tool works to recover SQL database following the how it works section provided. Quick & Advanced Scan To Repair SQL Database : Both Primary & Secondary SQL Recovery … Read more

Relational to JSON With SQL


Oracle started adding JSON support to Oracle Database with version The earliest support was targeted at storing, indexing, and querying JSON data. Version 12.2 rounded out that support by adding features for generating, exploring, and processing JSON data. See the JSON Developer’s Guide for a comprehensive overview of what’s now available. In this post, I’ll leverage the new SQL operators for JSON generation to convert the relational data to meet the goal. Please Note: This post is part of … Read more

Code You Should Never See in PL/SQL


If you ever run across any of the following, apply the suggested cleanup or contact the owner of the code…or run for the hills. I am pretty sure many of my readers will have suggestions for other code that should never appear in your PL/SQL programs. Let me know in the comments and I will add them to the post (giving me all the credit of course — no, just joking! YOUR NAME will be in bright lights). … DZone Database Zone

SQL Database Corruption: Causes, Prevention, and Fixing Techniques


“I had a Database File and I want to attach this MDF file to SQL Server 2014. However, whenever I try to attach the file, I am receiving following error message :The header for file ….\MSSQL\DATA\xxxx_data.mdf’ is not a valid database file header. The FILESIZE property is incorrect. (SQL Server Error 5172). After surfing a lot, I found that MDF file has corruption in its header. I tried expert solution given in various forum websites but failed to fix header … Read more