RPA UI Path – Leader in Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation

Gone are the time’s things were done manually to get the work done. Since the origin of automation, productivity has increased and operation cost has come down. Process Automation is the expertise by which physical, monotonous and complicated activities are changed to a digital, simple, and easy process where most of the conditions and calculations are automatically handled. While there are plenty of automation tools available in the market to automate business processes, but with the origin of UiPath, an RPA … Read more

Robotics Automation: Major Trends to Watch For

Robotics Automation

Manufacturing automation relishes a golden era of technological progression, and consumer robotics may not be far behind. Robots, as we know, have transformed the industrial and manufacturing world in the latest times. And today, they are beginning to make their move into the broader world of business. We are now in 2019, and all emblems specify that it will be a more superior year than ever for autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, and robotics. While robotic workers are now conventional in … Read more

AI Delivery Robots for E-commerce Industry

AI Delivery Robots

Considering the way Artificial Intelligence is influencing the IT industry, the day is not far when we will receive our delivery packages by robots. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is delivering commendable results in the field of automation. Right from Siri to self-driven cars, AI has helped not only to cut down the mundane manual processes but also has redefined these tasks in a more engaging, attractive, and innovative way. As per Markets and Markets Research, the AI market is expected to … Read more

How Drones and Robotics Make Warehouse Management Easier

Robot Delivery Service Automation

Image source: Elements Envato Looking for a property with ample space that can house lots and lots of products or goods, whether perishable or not? Warehouse spaces are the ultimate answer. You probably know by now that all warehouses have pretty adequate space, big enough to hold hundreds and thousands of all sorts of things. Take warehouse spaces for lease in Kansas City for one; it contains enough space where you can perform operations, store products or goods, and a … Read more

An integrated system for perception-driven autonomy with modular robots

Trend Technology

The theoretical ability of modular robots to reconfigure in response to complex tasks in a priori unknown environments has frequently been cited as an advantage and remains a major motivator for work in the field. We present a modular robot system capable of autonomously completing high-level tasks by reactively reconfiguring to meet the needs of a perceived, a priori unknown environment. The system integrates perception, high-level planning, and modular hardware and is validated in three hardware demonstrations. Given a high-level … Read more

Robots to be used to make robots in ABBs new factory in China

Robots to be used to make robots

China is practically the global hub for manufacturing, with practically everything we use in our daily lives sporting a “Made in China” tag. Given this information, its obvious that China employs a massive amount of people within its manufacturing facilities. However, given the rising concerns over worker treatment and rise in wages, China has started to use robots in its manufacturing facilities and ABB, the Swiss Engineering Group plans to fully capitalise in that. ABB is setting up a robot … Read more

Model helps robots navigate more like humans do

Trend Technology

When moving through a crowd to reach some end goal, humans can usually navigate the space safely without thinking too much. They can learn from the behavior of others and note any obstacles to avoid. Robots, on the other hand, struggle with such navigational concepts. MIT researchers have now devised a way to help robots navigate environments more like humans do. Their novel motion-planning model lets robots determine how to reach a goal by exploring the environment, observing other agents, … Read more