Customer Retention Strategies

3 Effective Customer Retention Tips for Ecommerce Businesses

Acquiring new customers is important but not easy for e-commerce businesses. What’s even more important is retaining the existing customers.  Customer retention is important because –  A 5% increase in customer retention rate can lift profits by 25%-95% profits.  It’s more expensive (7X) to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one. This article walks you through three effective customer retention strategies that you can incorporate into your eCommerce marketing strategy. You can start implementing them right away in your online … Read more

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Guidelines for Running an Ecommerce Health Food Products Company

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the world has experienced a massive amount of changes. The world has seen massive transformations throughout numerous facets of society, and a large majority of these changes have been spawned from the Internet and other web-based technologies. All across the globe, people utilize the Internet on a daily basis, and now that the Internet has over 4 billion global users, the web is truly one of the most important entities throughout our entire … Read more

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How to Develop Your Own Dropshipping Company

Throughout the 21st century, there has been a myriad of major changes that have greatly affected the way that our world works. All over the world, people have noticed the massive changes throughout numerous facets of our society, and they understand that these changes are only going to continue throughout the future. Much of our societal transformation has been spawned from the Internet and other web-based technologies, as these entities have totally transformed our world. There have been numerous aspects … Read more

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Magento Inventory Management Software for 21st Century Ecommerce Sellers

Since the beginning of the 21st century, our world has seen immense changes throughout a multitude of aspects within our society. Many of these changes have been forged from the rise of the Internet and other technological advancements. As the 21st century has progressed, the Internet has become even more ubiquitous, and it seems that technology and the Internet have altered the lives of everyday people all over the globe. As peoples’ personal lives have been changed by technology, the … Read more

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Magento 2 For A Medium Size Business

Running businesses in multiple branches across cities and states often turn into a hassle and unprofitable capital investment. This is so because managing outlets demand regular investment that can prove to be very expensive for businesses, especially if their network is at a moderate level. It is to tackle the self-same situation that advisors often suggest medium business owners switch to a Magento 2 store for proliferating their business. The vast variety of store features added security measures and friendly … Read more

Tips to Build An Awesome E-commerce Mobile App

Online shopping has advanced incredibly; this is one field that has seen more e-commerce and online shopping platforms make billions. Today every one shops online, however, this does not conclude that all the shopping is done via smartphone, but most of it is. However, why are most people embracing this new way of acquiring products? The first reason is the price; most online stores offer products at a lower price compared to real shops. In addition to beautiful costs, there … Read more

eCommerce Trends

5 eCommerce Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2019

If you are brick-and-mortar store owner who is yet to hop onto the eCommerce bandwagon, you should check out these 5 eCommerce Trends that you need to incorporate in your eCommerce marketing strategy . And if you already are an eCommerce store owner, you should still check out these trends as the sector of eCommerce business rapidly changes and things get outdated very quickly. As a matter of fact, the trend mentioned in this blog will itself become more or … Read more