6 Misconceptions about Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligence

From business managers to high-level executives, many are taking an artificial intelligence short course. This is a great opportunity to fully understand the managerial and organizational implications of artificial intelligence. Studying this technology is necessary to realize and debunk the most common misconceptions, including those that are mentioned below. It Will Take Over Human Jobs One of the biggest misconceptions about artificial intelligence is that it will replace humans. This fear has a good basis since some roles are now … Read more

The Top PropTech Trends Transforming the Real Estate Industry

Real Estate

Technology advancement is an ongoing process. It has become an integral part of all kinds of industries. Technology plays a critical role in bringing transformation in any industry. Real-estate is no exception. Websites and apps have become our new real estate agent. 360degrees virtual site visits have enabled buyers to have a look at the property without even visiting. The list is quite long. Technology has brought numerous changes at every stage of the real estate industry. Prop Tech is … Read more

The Intelligent Next Step for Intent-Based Networking

Intent-Based Networking

Networks have become the core of communication channels. Today, we value networks as the most valuable assets that help us grow our business. They become even more valuable when they are providing an additional benefit to the company/business they are associated with. In order to enable the full functionality of networks, one must get a higher level of performance out of them. Networks have become extremely complex over the past few years. It has become increasingly difficult to manage them … Read more

The Implementation of Artificial Intelligence in Resource Mining

The Implementation of Artificial Intelligence in Resource Mining - Artificial Intelligence

Technological advancements continue to reshape various industries. The disruptive nature of technology’s innovations basically forces industries to adapt to the newest trends. Resource exploration industry, such as mining for minerals, oil and natural gas is no exception. Nowadays, the most disruptive trend that creates a lot of buzz across industries is artificial intelligence (AI). AI technology brings machine learning and deep learning capabilities, as well as advanced analytics and automation to the market. Although still in development, AI technology is … Read more

Porsche investing €150 million in startups – focusing on AI and blockchain technologies

Porsche investing €150 million in startups – focusing on AI and blockchain technologies - iStock 458948963

Porsche has announced it is increasing its total investment in venture capital activities by €150 million for the next five years. By making this move, the German automobile manufacturer intends to gain access to new technologies, trends and business models. Porsche Ventures, being a strategic investor, is aiming to invest in business models that involve mobility, digital lifestyle and customer experience, along with futuristic technologies like AI, blockchain, VR and AR. The company is looking to invest in startups that … Read more

How AI and machine learning are redefining the war for talent

How AI and machine learning are redefining the war for talent - futuristic interface concept picture id957627892

By 2020, more than 20 million job seekers will look for automated advice on how to improve their ranking in job-matching algorithms according to Gartner. More than 50% of large enterprises based in North America and Western Europe will include diversity and inclusion enablement criteria in their HCM technology selection processes by 2020. By 2022, nearly 80% of organisational skills will have to be reprioritised or revisited due to digital business transformation. These and many other fascinating insights are from … Read more

How AI Is Teaching Gliders to Soar

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An adult albatross can spend days without ever touching the ground. Long wings that lock into place provide enormous amounts of lift. And a keen sense for thermals and air currents lets the birds soar with little energy expenditure. Sleeping, eating, drinking and bathing all take place on the wing, over the course of journeys that can span up to 10,000 miles. Entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg wish they could fly like an albatross. The Facebook founder’s Internet.org initiative aimed to d… Technology