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Phone Comparisons: Samsung Galaxy S9+ vs LG V40 ThinQ

Samsung Galaxy S9+

Do we have a good one for you today – the latest Samsung Galaxy S9+ gets compared to the new LG V40 ThinQ. Both of these devices are true flagships, with a great build quality, lots of features, and expensive with the S9+ costing about $ 930 and the V40 ThinQ about $ 980. Both devices are currently receiving heavy discounts so prices vary greatly. The S9+ is probably the more attractive phone and it has many features and health-related items not available on the V40 ThinQ.

V40 ThinQ

In return, the V40 ThinQ is strong on cameras with five sensors in total — three on the back and two on the front — and all the software needed to run a photography studio. As a result these two phones cater to differen…
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