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Why Consistency In Link Building Will Matter More In 2020

Link building is an SEO strategy that has been around right from the start and it will probably always be there. After all, quality backlinks are what take your website to the top of the search rankings. At the same time, they also play a vital role in driving traffic to your website. This obviously means that you cannot imagine survival and growth unless you have a robust link building strategy in place. Beyond just investing in quality backlinks over time, you need to be consistent with building them.

Simply speaking, you need to keep adding more and more of them with the passage of time. Even while you ensure that they grow in number, you also need to prioritize their quality. This is a practice that is not going anywhere in the future, which means that you have to be on your toes if you want to get long-term success with your SEO strategy. Let us explain why being consistent with your link building strategy will matter more in 2020 and beyond.

Why link building is important in the first place?

Even before figuring out the value of consistency, you need to understand why link building is important in the first place. Essentially, backlinks make one of the vital ranking factors that are a part of Google’s search algorithm. They are capable of consolidating your digital presence in more than one way. Let us see why link building is important for any website in the first place.

Increasing domain authority: Firstly, quality links have a far-reaching impact on your website’s domain authority in the long run. A higher DA is desirable because it strengthens your site’s positioning in terms of rankings and enhances the trust factor as well.

Bringing referral business: Quality backlinks from authoritative and niche-relevant sources have the potential for fetching referral traffic for your website. A link with a quality site gives your website exposure to their audience and increases the chances of landing them thereon.

Building relationships: Another reason why link building matters is that it can help build relationships with peers in the industry. When you link with other online sources, you obviously build connections that can be used for mutual advantage.

Consistency is the name of the game

Great SEO is not a one-time task as you have to invest efforts over the years to get visible and sustainable results. Primarily, you need a strategy that defines the number of links that you would want to build over a specific time frame. At the same time, you also need to have a clear idea about the quality of links you plan to build, in terms of the sources you would want to link with.

Next is the actual process of link building! While you can invest in manual link building, there are some software tools you can explore as well. You can go through to know about the best ones and how they work. Once you are sorted out with the link building strategy you want to follow, you really need to focus on consistency. Here are some reasons why consistency in link building is going to matter even more in 2020.

Improve your ranking

It is a proven fact that backlinks, together with great content, are the key determinants of a website’s ranking. However, just having more backlinks than your competitors does not mean that your website will rank higher. Search engines check several factors while assessing the strength of your links. These include the authority and relevance of the linking site. Additionally, consistency in building quality links also makes a difference to your positioning in search engine rankings.

Get qualified referral traffic

If you think that ranking on top of searches is the only way to fetch business, you are not on the right track. A lot of times, prospective clients may not land on the site through organic searches. A sizeable chunk can actually land as referral traffic from other sites. This is exactly what backlinks from niche-relevant, authoritative sources can do for your business. The best thing about referral traffic is that it is more likely to be qualified visitors who have a high probability of conversion. When you get links from authority sources, they act as a recommendation from an expert for your business.

Ensure that your brand stays relevant

Another reason why consistent link building serves value is that it ensures that your brand stays relevant. Basically, when you are consistent with building quality links, you generate fresh content on a regular basis. By serving updated trends to your audience, you stay relevant for the customers. Further, this makes you a good collaboration prospect with the sites that you link with because you provide them new content at regular intervals. Beyond these benefits, consistent link building with fresh content pushes your site up on search engine rankings as well.

Build a strong link profile

Consistency with link building is vital from the link profile perspective too. Obviously, when you keep getting links from a diverse range of sites over a period of time, your link profile gains strength. And SEO professionals know the importance of links from unique domains because these are definitely more valuable than the ones from the sites you have already linked with before. So your prime motive in 2020 should definitely be to add as many backlinks as you can from unique websites. At the same time, you need to pay attention to their relevance and domain authority. Considering these benefits of consistent link building, it becomes a necessity for websites in 2020 and ahead. Building links is a never-ending task that you must keep investing in if you want to sustain your position in search rankings and boost your brand’s reputation as well. Now that the New Year is in full swing, you need to have a holistic link building plan that is focused on getting a large number of quality backlinks for your website, day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year!

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