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Ways You Can Grow the Authentic Instagram Following in The Year 2019

Instagram is here and offering entrepreneurs the golden chance to use a highly intelligent algorithm. Thanks to so many creative businesses and brands competing for customers, it becomes harder for you to find and convince people to follow you. There are some ways in which you can authentically and creatively gain some more free followers for Instagram. There are some proven strategies available for you to follow here. You can start implementing those points now and get to reach out to new audiences whenever the right time comes. You can also get engagement and start to grow the current follower count. To learn more about the available options, it is mandatory to get the points straight in here for sure.  You can get it now from and improve the values, with ease now.

Get to develop a consistent and strong Instagram aesthetic:

Nowadays, the IG profile always needs to function as the company’s current website. It will also work as the virtual ship window and business card just like you have asked for it.

  • You will just have a few seconds in your hand to communicate through your brand. You can let other people know everything about your brand.
  • You will let them know what exactly your brand all about is and entice the viewer to tap the present follow button before you lose that person to any next shiny image.
  • One easy way to gain that traction and make a good impression is mainly to offer cohesive Instagram aesthetics now.
  • There are so many brands, which are taking the aesthetic look to another level by creating that lifestyle look book. It will have that ideal follower count as asked for.
  • Right on top of adding a cohesive and consistent color palette, the brands are following some proper steps in conveying the appealing lifestyle through some images on the said feed. It helps in attracting the proper type of customers’ home.
  • For example, you can check out the work of The Sill. This company’s leafy and green aesthetic is mainly translated across the whole feed, it’s Instagram Stories and highlighting come off the cover icons. It can even be seen in the emojis used by the brand in its bio.
  • Around holiday seasons, this company posted an adobe-style holiday house with these cactus plants. These choices are mainly geared up to make the followers of the brands feel a sense of belonging. It is an aspiration to alight with the lifestyle of The Sill.
  • So, if you are making some plans this year to revamp aesthetics, you have to be sure of the personality and identity of the brands. Then you have to be sure how you are planning to convey that through the IG profile. Once you have nailed down aesthetic, you can try to plan feed and schedule the IG posts using the help of tools like Instagram Later.

Join the current rise of vertical video:

With more than 400 million daily viewers working its way towards Instagram Stories, along with the launch of IGTV, there is no denying this fact that video content is quickly just taking right over on IG.

  • Once you have successfully identified the kind of content which might work best for you, you can start to check on the results in viewer rate and even focusing on the follower count. You have how-to guides to work on, product guides and so much more.
  • It is important for you to know the right kind of video content, which can best work for the target audiences. You have to find out some of the content themes, which will work best for audiences. Check out more on the images or stories, which might result in the most engagement.
  • It can be anything from a product photo to a piece of user-based content. Make sure to take directions from the best performing posts. In case, you ever saw strong engagement where you are using Question Sticker on IG Stories, you can host an IG Live or create IGTV video for answering some questions that audiences ask.
  • Make sure to pay some close attention to the IG analytics as well. One major metric in here got to be Audience Retention Rate, mainly focusing on IGTV. It will showcase you that point when the video viewers dropped off and how many of them watched till the end.
  • The more videos you are making plans to posts, the easier it is going to be for identifying the current length of your videos, that you need for your audiences just to stay engaged.

Try to tailor the campaign for an engaging audience now:

For actually growing the presence of your brand or personality on IG, you have to start tailoring the profile and campaigns. You have to focus on these points to gain some more quality followers.  Focus on the current niche market, the needs of your audiences and how you can communicate and serve them through IG. There are some changes that you ought to make in the IG strategy for making a huge difference.

  • Make sure to create smaller niche IG profiles, which will target the specified audience. Do you think that the brand serves lots of different audiences or locations? It is mandatory for you to just create other and more focused IG profiles that will serve audiences well.
  • An example will help you to understand this point well. In case you are one fashion brand like ASOS, you can create specified men’s wear and women’s’ wear profiles. On the other hand, if the business is global, you have to tailor the IG profile based on the location of the audience for delivering some relevant content.

There are certain brands available, which will have niche IG profiles for brands. Even though they might reflect and portray aesthetic similar to that of primary account, there are sub-profiles available as a major key to communicating relevantly and some timely content with audiences.

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Pete Campbell is a social media manager and has immense knowledge about email marketing and Instagram promotion. He delights his clients at by helping them buy real Instagram likes. He loves to travel, write and play baseball.

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