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Generate Loads of Traffic to Your eBay Listing with YouTube

YouTube Traffic
  • Many people already know that eBay listings with embedded video convert more sales than listings without video.  But most people still don’t take advantage of this.
  • It is very easy to embed video into an eBay listing.  You don’t need a website or your own hosting account.  All you need is an account with YouTube if you don’t already have one.
  • Just go to YouTube and follow the directions to set up an account, and then upload your chosen video from 9anime.  Make sure you give it a good title and enter the keywords you think people will use to search for the video.  You then will have the option to embed the video.  Copy the “embed” code supplied, then go to your auction listings description, open the “HTML” tab and paste in the code.  It’s really that simple.

Once your auction listing is complete, copy the URL from the address bar.  Go back to the description for your uploaded video on YouTube and paste the URL.  You may want to write a plug for visitors to purchase your product.  For example: “Click here for more information”.

By adding your YouTube video to your auction listing and then linking the video on YouTube back to your listing, you are doing two things to greatly increase the chance of someone making a purchase:

  1. By adding videos to your listings, you give potential buyers more information about the products you are selling.  Buyers like to have a lot of information before they commit to making a purchase, so the more information you provide, the better it will work out for you in the long run.
  2. When you then link your YouTube video back to your eBay listing, you are generating a method to bring more visitors to your listing.  More visitors equal more sales.  Just be sure to go back and remove the YouTube links when your auction ends.
  3. As you can clearly see, embedding YouTube videos in your eBay listings is a simple and effective way to increase sales.  Just make sure you own the rights to the videos, do not plagiarize and always be sure your videos are of high quality.  If they are not, some buyers may think the quality of your products may be similar to the quality of your videos and if your videos are poor, then prospective buyers may be turned away.
  4. So what kinds of videos can you use?
  5. You could have someone make a video review of your product.  Video reviews are extremely powerful marketing tools and if they are done right they could significantly increase your sales.  If you don’t know anyone who will do a video review, you may want to check if you can have it done cheap on a site like fiverr.com.
  6. You could also make a video of someone demonstrating your product.  Maybe emphasize how easy your product is to use and how much it would benefit your customers if they purchased it.

If you are selling a video tutorial or video course you could embed a small clip of the tutorial so your visitors can get an idea of what they are about to purchase.

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As you can see, embedding YouTube videos into your eBay auction listings is really a no-brainer.  It’s simple, effective, and just good marketing practice.  Just remember to make sure the videos are high quality and begin raking in the sales.

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