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Digital Marketing Trends For Tour And Travel Businesses In 2020

As the internet becomes the prime selling channel today, no industry vertical is untouched by its immense potential. Tour and travel businesses have witnessed the tremendous impact of this powerful medium in terms of booming sales and stronger customer connections. The fact that more and more travelers prefer to browse and book online makes it essential for these businesses to have a robust online presence. But just building a great-looking website and investing in social media strategy will not do the trick. The competition is daunting and you need to go the extra mile to impress the customers. The best way to do it is by embracing the latest digital marketing trends, which are listed as follows.


When it comes to creating a winning digital marketing strategy for your business, personalization is the key. It is all about targeting the right user at the right time and with the right message if you want to drive conversions. The idea is to build a buyer persona and create a personalized campaign to target them. You can go a step further by understanding their preferences and behavior and targeting them with contextual offers and recommendations.

Virtual tours

Experiential content with technologies such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality can make all the difference to the success of your digital marketing strategy in 2020. Investing in AR and VR mobile apps that create such compelling experiences is a smart idea. These apps can actually enable potential customers to take virtual tours of holiday destinations and decide the ones they would want to buy.

User-generated content

Another trend that is emerging strongly in the travel domain is that of user-generated content. Essentially, these are the stories, pictures, and testimonials that are shared by the real customers. If you are not sure about How to get more tour bookings for your business, this can be the single most influential factor. This is because potential buyers trust the word of mouth of real customers rather than what the brand promotions have to say.

Visual content

Besides user-generated content, visual content is another travel digital marketing trend that no business can afford to ignore. This is an industry that relies more on visuals than words. So including images and videos in your digital marketing plan definitely makes a smart move. Focus on creating compelling narratives about the tours and destinations on offer because they definitely offer a great engagement and selling potential.


And how can you forget the importance of real-time interactions with potential customers! This is exactly what a smart chatbot can do on your behalf. Just integrate one on your website and mobile app and you have a virtual assistant that is available 24 by 7. Moreover, chatbots do away with the need for human customer support. What’s more, they are as smart as the human reps, thanks to the Artificial Intelligence technology that powers them up.

Now that you know all the major digital marketing tech trends for tour and travel business, it is time to realign your strategy and make it a winning one.

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