Top Methods for Convert Outlook PST Files in Bulk to PDF

The process of Convert Outlook PST Files in Bulk to PDF facilitates forensic analysis. PDF files are the most effective format for converting and distributing documents in physical copy.

Motives for Convert Outlook PST Files in Bulk to PDF

As evidence, my acquaintance intends to present a selection of his emails. Due to the fact that emails are accessible as digital copies, it was challenging to distribute them in their original format. As a result, his legal counsel advised him to convert the communications. There is currently no direct conversion option for PST files. Therefore, at this time, the optimal course of action is to convert PST files to PDF format. Managing PDF files is one of the most effective methods for presenting documents. It is universally compatible with operating systems, transcending the specific platform it was developed for. PDF documents permit the use of multiple fonts of any size and length, in addition to images embedded as objects. An additional advantage of converting PST files to PDF is that PDF files contain the entire description of a two-dimensional or three-dimensional document. Thus, my acquaintance simply converted PST files to PDF format and delivered them to the court. It effectively facilitates the provision of evidence in formats that are more secure.

How to Convert Multiple PST to PDF Files in One Step

Using the TrustVare PST to PDF Converter Tool, multiple PST files can be converted to PDF in bulk. The utility will offer consumers a straightforward method to convert emails. A distinct PDF file will be generated for all PST email. As PDF, this toolkit maintains the complete formatting of PST files. A legal digital copy of your correspondence will be generated.

The Operation of This Utility is Basic and Straightforward.

You are only required to adhere to the subsequent straightforward procedures:

  • Once the application has been installed, you can start it by clicking on its icon.
  • At this point, choose an appropriate filtration option, and then hit the “Browse” button to select all of the PST files.
  • Obtain a glimpse of the PST files that have been selected, and deselect any folders that are not required.
  • Now, choose the output path by pressing the “Browse” button, and then select the final button to complete the process.
export PDF file

Manual Way: Utilizing Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Adobe Acrobat is the optimal program for generating PDFs from Microsoft Outlook emails. But a substantial fee is required to utilize it. If one has the financial means, Acrobat can be utilized as an Outlook plug-in to facilitate the conversion of communications to PDF format. By doing so, you are granted additional download options for the PDF. Utilize the methods below to convert PST files to Adobe PDF files in Outlook:-

  • In Outlook, select the Adobe PDF tab from the ribbon.
  • Select the emails that need to be converted.
  • Select the Selected Messages option from the Adobe PDF menu.
  • Select “Create a New PDF” from the drop-down menu that appears.

A new tab for storing will appear.

Select the location where the PDF will be saved and give it a name; then, tap the Save icon. An alternative method of preserving newly received emails in existing PDF files is to select “Append to existing PDF” from the drop-down menu that appears. Additionally, it allows you to configure Automatic Archival, a feature that saves newly created emails as PDFs automatically. Implementing this approach significantly streamlines and automates the procedure. You will subsequently have effortless access to Outlook email files in PDF format. However, if you are unable to invest in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, there is an alternative approach available to convert PST files to PDF format.

Utilize Microsoft Print to PDF

If you are working with Outlook 2016 or later while running Windows. Then, using the Microsoft Print to PDF option, convert PST emails to PDF format. Simply enable Microsoft Print to PDF and proceed with the conversion of Outlook PST emails to PDF format.

Carefully follow these methods to convert a PST file to PDF using Microsoft Print To PDF:

  • Select the emails in the PST file that need to be converted into Outlook.
  • From the interface, select the File tab and then click the Print button.
  • Select Printer, then select Microsoft Print to PDF from the resulting menu.
  • At this time, click the Print icon.
  • On the saving tab, enter the filename and location for storing.
  • After that, click the Save icon.
  • Thereafter, the file will be stored in the specified location.

Finally, I Would Like to Say:

This article describes a flawless method by which an individual can effortlessly convert multiple PST files to PDF. It permits the conversion of multiple files in bulk, which significantly reduces time and effort. If you, too, are looking for such a solution, then obtain it from this location.

Request Resolved: How to Convert Multiple PST Files to PDF in Bulk

I have amassed more than one thousand communications using the Microsoft Outlook email client. The aforementioned communications are contained within a file that ends in.PST.

Is it possible to convert each of these communications to PDF format using your software?

Our software does permit the conversion of multiple PST files to PDF in bulk. Simply navigate to the folder containing these files, and the utility will initiate the creation of PDF files immediately.

What occurs if I require assistance during the procedure?

Rest assured that our team is dedicated to aiding you and offers round-the-clock Live Chat assistance.

Is it possible to convert PST files to PDF with attachments using your application?

Indeed, the utility provides comprehensive support for all attachment file types, including text files, documents, images, and archive files.

May I utilize your application on a Windows-based system?

Our applications are, in fact, compatible with Windows OS. Simply visit our official website to obtain the download link for the Windows installation.

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