HP Printer Offline

HP Printer Offline Windows 10 – Fixing the Error

HP Printer Offline

Several Windows 10 PC users have been lately reporting a glitch including their computer and printer system. That is why my hp printer is offline. To be explicit, dynamic printers are set to offline in any event, when there is no evident loss of association. This glitch is generally connected with arranging printers, yet locally based printing machines with direct associations are additionally experiencing a similar issue.

Fixing the Error that Why does My HP Printer keep Going Offline

Know the roots of the problem before going ahead and finding a solution. The issue arises when Windows 8 doesn’t detect the printer. Still, the system does not specify if the hp printer says offline or if there were printing errors or connectivity issues. This may happen when:

  • The printer and PC connection is unresponsive/slow.
  • The printer has been bugged by an internal mistake.
  • The printer has several incomplete print tasks up its queue.

Normally, finding the solution for this issue that my hp printer is offline is quite simple. Now you need to restart the Computer or Laptop and printer or disconnect their USB connection. If it’s a network printer – wireless or wired – the issue is with the actual connection, and the router must be restarted. After following these steps and you shall have the problem resolved, hopefully.

  • Launch Control Panel and head to the Printers window.
  • Inspect if the default printer is the correct one.


  • Right-click the printer and choose the ‘See what’s printing’ option in the print queue.
  • Remove the unfinished tasks from the list.
  • Select Printer from the list window and unselect the option “Use HP Printer Offline.”
  • If the option is already unchecked, select it for the moment and uncheck it after a few seconds.
  • Check your printer-computer connection. If required, unhook the USB wire and arrange it in place again.
  • Carry out a connection test if it’s an HP printer offline. Also, restart your switch/router.
  • Turn the computer system and printer off and on again.
  • If the issue isn’t rectified by now, reinstall printer drivers.

If your printer is the wireless variant, try connecting to the printer’s IP (Internet Protocol) address. To locate the address, open the Control Panel. Click the Devices and Printers option; right-click the printer and hit Properties. Under the “General” or “Web Services” tab, you must be able to view the IP address of the printer. Take note of the address and type it down in the address field of the browser. You can also open CMD, type ‘ping’ along with the IP and press Enter. If an error message comes up, probably the printer connection is not functional.

After having tried all of these methods, the hp printer offline fix windows 10 issue should have been resolved. If it persists, Contact the hp printer offline support. Also, It could be an issue with the hardware. In case the hardware issue is established, Try to perform printing tasks from another PC or go with a completely different printer.

Fixing the “HP Printer Offline” problem in Wireless Printers

Wireless printers usually give this,” hp printer showing offline” error when they are not able to communicate with the computer properly. Therefore make sure that there is a router plugged in the system when you want to use a wireless printer.

Steps to Install Printer Drivers

  1. Start Button>>Devices and Printers
  2. Select printer>>Right click>>printer Properties
  3. Click On the Advanced Tab
  4. New Driver
  5. Pop Up wizard window will open click on next
  6. Select your Printer brand and click on the best-suited option.Installing-Printer-driver-step6
  • Windows Update
  • Have on Disk(on clicking to this option such window will open give a path to the driver’s folder )

When using a wireless printer make sure that the firewall, installed on the computer, is disabled.

Gone are the days when printing meant to connect fat cables of clumsy printers to close by computers and to keep the computers on just because the printer won’t work if the computer is turned off.

Causes with HP wireless printer offline

Now, with the advent of different wireless technologies like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth the printer has gone wireless too. Printers now come with a built-in Network wireless adapter, which lets them print from remote computers. Thus eliminating the need for cables and letting it be placed anywhere in the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth range. But this has given rise to wireless printer problems. What if a hp wireless printer offline?

Troubleshooting Wireless Printer Problems

Let us analyze the issue and see what we can do to bring a hp printer offline to online. One of the most widely recognized issues which emerge when you need to print archives through an HP wireless printer is that your PC isn’t appropriately interfacing with the printer. It happens when you have associated your PC straightforwardly to the modem. So the primary thing you should mastermind, to utilize a remote printer, is a switch. The switch is the gadget that will let your PC speak with the printer in a remote situation.

On the off chance that there is a firewall installed on the PC, it will likewise obstruct the correspondence with the printer. So check and disable any firewall blocking the entrance.

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