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Computer Repair: is It Safe to Do It at Home?

Computer Repair, Laptop Repair, IT service

Almost everyone has a computer or a laptop at home. And like every electronic device, computers, and laptops also require timely servicing and repair. With the latest software and hardware launching frequently, you might need to modify your devices time and again to keep them updated.

Some people like to visit experts for Computer Repair, Laptop Repair, IT service while some prefer to do it at home. Although repairing is more feasible and reasonable at home, it is dangerous not to go an expert for computer repair service. The following are some reasons.

  • Your device might not be properly turned off

If you are going to open your laptop or computer, consider switching it off beforehand and unplugging it completely. It is important to cut off all the power before opening you’re as any power supply can cause a short circuit in the device or fuse some parts of it.

If you have turned off your device but see some lights on when you open the device, then it is not turned off. If you still work while the device is on, you might cause further damage to it. The damage might cost you a lot of money.

Some people service their devices while wearing hand jewelry. The jewelry is made of metals which might be good conductors of electricity. That is another reason to not only turn off your device but also unplug it. 

  • Your device might smell or cause smoke

Computer Repair, Laptop Repair, IT service might cost you more but at least your device would be safe. Sometimes while installing a part by yourself, you can create a short circuit that might induce smoke or smell.

If something of this sort happens, unplug your device immediately and let it cool for 5 minutes. Also, if this happens, do not consider undoing the damage all by yourself. Visit an expert or you will ruin your device.

  • You might touch capacitors

If you are a novice and have never opened a PC or a laptop, you might know about capacitors present in it. Capacitors are miniature electronic components that are placed in many parts of the PC. These components store electric current for some time after the power is turned off. If you immediately decide to open and fix your device, these capacitors can either hurt you or damage your device. The experts in Computer Repair, Laptop Repair, IT service are well aware of these small components. So, it is wiser to trust them with your device.

  • Do not service non-serviceable parts

Some parts of your PC or laptop are not serviceable. They can not be repaired even by Computer Repair, Laptop Repair, IT service professionals. If a part has a label that says “No serviceable components inside”, never ever touch them. The label is not a challenge but a warning. You are bound to see such warnings on power supply units, and sometimes on monitors, optical drives, hard drives, and other highly sensitive components.

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