How do password managers work?

Password Managers

We live in an era where our mobiles and computers have access to sensitive information. Our social networks and email may contain personal or work data that we should not share with anyone else. And while the conditions for generating a password are strict, it is estimated that 1 in 10 users repeats the same password for all apps and pages that require one. Not only that, an investigation by the National Cybersecurity Center of the United Kingdom (NCSC) indicates … Read more

Android 10 Tips, Tricks, and Top Features

Android 10 Features

Pixel smartphones contain Android 10 OS and are starting to exude down to devices not developed by Google too. If you have just downloaded the latest update, these are the new features you should be checking out in your first priority. Some of the latest features of Android 10 have been requested by customers for a long time, while others tackle increasing issues about privacy. Google has placed a lot into this update software, which is the first to drop … Read more

7 Things to Know About Facebook Libra

Facebook Libra

Two months ago, Facebook announced to launch a digital currency Libra in 2020, and since then; everyone expressed their opinion starting from US President Trump, through businessmen and investors, and even data protection officials in the United States, the European Union, The United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada raised concerns about the privacy risks this currency may pose. Everyone is excited about how this project will evolve in the coming months. And whether Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency will actually make a difference, … Read more