What is virtual reality?

Virtual Reallity

The definition of virtual reality comes from both the words ‘virtual’ and ‘reality’. The definition of virtual is ‘near’ and the definition of reality is whatever we experience as human beings. So basically the term means ‘near-reality’.

Our sense and perceptions systems help us see the world as it is and everything we know about reality comes by way of our senses. In other words, you could say that simply a combination of sensory information makes up our entire experience of reality. You can change your perception of reality by presenting made-up information to your senses. By doing so you will create a version of reality that isn’t there but from your perspective it is and this concept is called ‘virtual reality’.

So, in summary, virtual reality is created when you present your senses with a computer generated virtual environment. Virtual reality developers such as Immerse Enterprise Sydney can be useful in this regard.

In technical terms, ‘virtual reality’ is a three dimensional, computer generated environment which can be interacted with by a normal human being and this person can then perform a series of actions or manipulate objects within that reality.

Why have virtual reality?

Virtual reality is always the answer whenever people want to do something that very expensive or impractical to do in reality. Virtual reality lets us take virtual risks which are technically zero risks and gain real-life experiences. It is used from training fighter pilots to medical applications such as train surgeons. As the cost of virtual reality goes down we can expect problems such as education and productivity applications come forward in the near future.

Uses of virtual reality

The simplest example of using virtual reality is a three-dimensional movie. Using 3D glasses gives the user an immersive experience of being part of the movie and give on spot experience. Although nothings happening’s in reality the light and sound effects of 3D movies make us believe that it is happening right now, hence changing our perception.

Technological advances have enabled the companies to make something beyond a 3D glass. You can find VR headsets now to explore even more. You can play tennis in VR headsets while sitting in your living room. The headsets give the wearer’s eyes the illusion that they are on a tennis court. The person then hits the ball and the computer shows if the ball was hit too hard and was out of bounds or the ball was hit too soft and was stopped by the net with the help of sensor-fitted racquets.

Training and simulation are other uses of virtual reality, for example, using a VR setup that has car parts such as a steering wheel, accelerator and brakes can help people achieve a first-hand road driving experience and especially help those who want a driving license. It helps the students to achieve road sense before actually going into the road which decreases the chances of road accidents.

Sellers of real estate use VR in order to give their customers a feel of the property by giving them a walkthrough even without actually being in the apartment.

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