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6 Things You Need To Know About Solar Energy

Solar is one of the most abundant and environmentally friendly sources of energy in the world. According to an estimate, around 730.000 terawatts of solar energy hits the earth every day. As solar energy is a renewable source of energy, it is getting really popular. Many people are installing solar panels in their homes and governments are investing in massive solar-powered electricity plants.

Solar Energy

Going for solar energy at your home has a lot of amazing advantages. But many people are still quite unaware of the pros and cons of solar power. This post is a guide for people who are looking into getting solar panels but can’t seem to make a decision. Here is a list of some of the most important things that you need to know about solar energy.

Solar energy is renewable and environmentally friendly

One of the main attractions of solar panels is that they are an environmentally friendly method of producing energy. Creating electricity using solar panels does not have any effect on the environment. Unlike other methods of producing electricity, solar energy does not reduce the resources of the earth. It is a completely renewable source of energy, which can help you reduce your carbon footprint on the earth

Solar energy can save us money 

Solar energy can also save people money. Solar energy is cheap and easy to make, and once you have covered your initial investment, you can get free energy at your home. Also, solar panels have a very long life, and they can stay running for decades without requiring any special maintenance. Going solar can really help you reduce your electricity bills, and if you have the right setup you can go completely off the grid

Solar energy is safer than conventional sources

As far as safety is concerned, solar energy systems are also considerably safer than conventional forms of producing electricity. If you have a solar panels system installed in your home, there aren’t any wires carrying a very high amount of current outside your home, with solar panels you are a smaller risk of electricity-related fires. In case of a blackout or emergency, your home will stay powered as it is not connected to any grid.  

A solar panel system is climate and weather dependent

Solar panels have a lot of different advantages, but they are also climate and weather-dependent. This means that solar panels are only able to perform optimally in sunny areas. For example, California, Nevada, New Mexico, and other sunny states are the best places for solar panels, while places like Ohio and Michigan don’t have the proper environment and climate to get the best benefits of solar panels. If you live in a state like Illinois, which gets its fair share of both sunny and cloudy days, then the decision for installing solar panels could be quite hard. You need to figure out whether solar panels would be able to produce a reasonable amount of energy. You should just simply type solar panels chicago in your web browser and check out some reviews of other solar panels users in your area.   

Solar panels require a large initial investment, 

Another thing that you need to know about solar panels is that they won’t start saving you money right away. Solar panels and the batteries required to store solar energy are not cheap, and it can be quite an investment to install a solar panel system. Also, solar panels can take a long while to give you a return on your investment. On average, it can take around 5 to 7 years to get even on your initial investment; in some areas, it may even require up to ten years to break a profit. Still, solar panels make your home environmentally friendly and if you take care of your system and avoid any problems, solar panels can save you money for a long time after covering their initial investment, because solar panels can stay running for multiple decades. 

Solar panels are of two basic kinds

There are two basic kinds of solar panels. The first is photovoltaic solar panels that use the light of the sun to produce energy, while the second type is thermal solar panels, which use the heat of the sun to heat up some fluid like water or oil. The heated water from the solar panels can be used in traditional steam turbines to create energy. 

If you’ve read the above-mentioned article I hope you have the basic knowledge you need before you start looking into further detailed articles.

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