Celebrate Pride with this rainbow Apple Watch band [Pride Month]

June is Pride Month and Nyloon has issued a woven nylon rainbow Apple Watch band for its wearers to celebrate and show support for the LGBT community. Plus, who doesn’t love rainbows? The band, which comes in both 38 and 42 mm, is part of a Nyloon’s growing collection of popular nylon bands for Apple […] (via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens) … Cult of Mac

Top 10 Android app updates this week: Datally, IFTTT

Welcome back to our weekly Top 10 Android App Updates column, where we take a look at the most frequently upgraded apps for the week. We’ve found that one of the best ways to discover useful apps is to find the ones that are actually being updated by the developers rather than selecting the apps with the most installs. As in the past, we’re going to filter out minor updates for the super-popular apps that have over 10 million installs, but we’ll make … Read more

This Video Game Lets You Explore Mars’ Actual Surface

Trend Technology

Alan Chan grew up thinking humans would be living in space and exploring Mars by now. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Instead, he decided to explore space on his own by creating a video game that allows people to drive around the Red Planet’s actual terrain in a souped-up rover. “Red Rover,” a new video game, recreates Mars’ surface using satellite and terrain data from NASA’s HiRISE Mars orbiter. The High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) has a lens that’s … Read more

5 Android games stories you should have read this week

With so much happening at E3 this week, no one would judge you for struggling to keep on top of it all. Fortunately, we’re here to help you do just that, by rounding up all of the big Android news from the week. Ark: Survival Evolved launched on Android Ark: Survival Evolved launched on mobile this week, bringing the full survival simulator to mobile. It looks alarmingly similar to the PC and console original, too.