The Silent Dangers of Smartphones

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The 2020 outbreak of the coronavirus in China is a serious health concern for the rest of the globe, but the tech and gadget guys are worried about what the virus is doing to the state of smartphone production. As many of the factories and plants in China have been closed to minimize the spread of the virus, concerned economists are worried that a smartphone shortage could occur if the situation lasts much longer. The Hidden Threats While there are … Read more

How to Make your Phone Run Better for Longer

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Smartphones are the gadgets that become obsolete the fastest in our day and age. The simple solution, of course, is to buy a new one each year, making use of the latest technologies, innovations, security updates and such – but not everyone has the budget for this. Moreover, a sophisticated and high-tech gadget like a smartphone shouldn’t be superseded this fast. What most people forget, in turn, is that smartphones are nothing but computers – they are pretty flexible when … Read more

5 Reasons Why Your Android Smartphone Needs a VPN

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Why is it essential to use a VPN? Have you caught wind of a conscious security friend discussing their most favorite VPNs now and then or Have you at any point been conscious about online? But precisely what a VPN is? Why should one use a VPN? A VPN is a Virtual Private Network. A VPN is a private and controlled network that connects you to the internet. The connection is secure, and your connection to the VPN is encrypted. … Read more

Huawei foldable smartphone, 5G-enabled flagships and phones with rear quad-camera setup coming next year


Walter Ji, President, Huawei Western Europe Consumer Business Group has made public the company’s plan for the coming year. The executive spoke to a German publication and shared the roadmap of what the Chinese conglomerate plans to do in 2019. Ji says that the company would launch a foldable smartphone, a smartphone with a quad-camera setup on the back that will feature 10x lossless zoom, 5G-enabled phones and AI on Kirin processor. Huawei is also reportedly working to open its huge flagship … Read more

Royole’s FlexPai Smartphone Has a Foldable Display

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A California-based startup named Royole has just beat out Apple and Samsung in the race to release a foldable smartphone. The company unveiled FlexPai last October 31 in Beijing. It is the world’s first folding smartphone and is the latest among the products developed by Royole. Quality Construction The FlexPai’s specs aren’t comparable to top-of-the-line phones.  […] The post Royole’s FlexPai Smartphone Has a Foldable Display appeared first on TechAcute. … TechAcute

LG confirms foldable smartphone plans to challenge Huawei and Samsung


Till now, we have only read leaks and rumours about LG developing a foldable smartphone. In what could be termed as a proof of this development, a company official has revealed that LG is indeed working on a foldable smartphone but it is not gunning for headlines for being the first company to do so. Instead it wants to create something that consumers really need, the company has noted. According to Android Headlines, LG doesn’t want to release a foldable … Read more