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Ubuntu Touch OTA-6 Call for Testing

UBports announces a call for testing for Ubuntu Touch OTA-6. They are asking the community for feedback and have prepared a GitHub project for OTA-6 quality assurance. See the UBports blog for more info on how you can help with the testing and also to see what’s new in the OTA-6 release, which is scheduled...


Wolfram releases neural net repository

The software company Wolfram Research is launching a public repository for trained and untrained neural network models. The Wolfram Neural Net Repository builds on the company’s Wolfram Language neural framework to store neural net models and enable the immediate use for evaluation, training, visualization and transfer learning. The Wolfram Language neural network framework includes models...


NGD Systems Releases First 16TB NVMe Computational U.2 SSD

Today NGD Systems Inc. released its 16TB, U.2 NVMe SSD, the Catalina-2. What is unique about this NVMe SSD is that is leverages NGD’s “In-Situ Processing” capabilities. The company goes on to state that its new Catalina-2 can use these new capabilities without impacting reliability, QoS, or power consumption. 


Intel Releases Optane DC Persistent Memory

Today at its Memory Storage Event, Intel announced the release of its new Optance DC persistent memory. Instead of a tweak on an existing technology such as new interfaces or different NAND, this is a new class of memory. Intel makes the bold claim that this could reimagine the data center memory and storage hierarchy,...