DIY Arduino Powered Single Pixel Scanning Camera


Created by Tucker Shannon, the single pixel scanning camera uses a pair of stepper motors which directs the RGB color sensor (Adafruit TCS3472) in a square spiral for image acquisition: all powered by an Arduino Uno SBC. If you are interested in building your very own Arduino powered single pixel scanning camera, all you need is: Arduino […]Open Electronics

Google working on fix for Pixel 3 disappearing texts

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Check your Pixel 3. Has it disappeared? If not, it’s luckier than texts and photos on the device. The launch of Google’s latest flagship has been soured by software issues, including disappearing photos, extra notches, and now, disappearing text messages. Numerous users have reported the problem, and while not as widespread as the disappearing photos issue, there are indeed Pixel 3 users who have noticed their text messages disappearing at random. Google has acknowledged the problem and says it’s working … Read more

Google Pixel Slate Stops By The FCC, Release Imminent?

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Google’s recently unveiled Pixel Slate Chrome OS tablet has now been spotted at the FCC, filed by long-time Google hardware partner Quanta Computer Inc. That alone isn’t enough to conclude that the hardware in question is that exact Chrome OS tablet but the included user manual and other pertinent documentation do explicitly refer to that device. Since the certification of this tablet is thought to be one of the few things preventing shipments to end users, the listing should be … Read more

Here’s how the Google Pixel 3’s Titan M security chip works

Titan M security chip

Google features one of the most impenetrable security in the world. Except for the Google+ that was constantly being hacked forcing the company to shut it down. With the release of Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, Google promised that it will have greater security features compared to predecessors. To back the promise, the company introduced the phone’s one of the most important features – the Titan M security chip. Titan is an all-new chip Google designed with only … Read more

Google boasts Titan M security chip in Pixel 3

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Google’s Pixel 3 has a lot to brag about, but Google is currently talking up the Titan M security chip embedded within the device. The Titan M Chip integrates deep security at the hardware level, starting with the bootloader. Here, Titan M works with the bootloader to verify that you’re running the newest, safest version of Android. This prevents malicious software from moving your device back to older, more vulnerable versions during booting. Titan M also limits the amount of … Read more

Native Android camera app update slated to bring external mic support for all Pixel smartphones


Last week Google launched its third generation Pixel smartphones, the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, at an event in New York, but it didn’t address arguably one of the most talked about drawbacks, the mic. The Pixel devices reportedly capture average audio when recording a video through the native camera app, which does not even offer support for an external mic. Google is looking to fix this this issue and it has announced that it will roll out an … Read more