How to set up a Linux Server

How to set up a Linux Server - cropped linux server 1

So, you’ve just installed your Linux server and you are preparing to start installing packages and hosting various packages. Well, not just yet. A few steps are quintessential in fortifying your server and ensuring that your user experience runs smoothly without any hiccup. In this guide, we take you through a step-by-step procedure of how you can set up your Linux server. Step 1: Update & Upgrade your Server By the time you are installing your Linux server, chances are … Read more

Canonical announces support for Ubuntu on Windows Subsystem for Linux 2


Canonical recently announces full support for Ubuntu on the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) 2. WSL 2 introduces lightweight virtualisation and a Linux kernel which provides the full set of capabilities needed for enterprise certification and support. These changes align Ubuntu on WSL with the Azure and AzureStack capabilities, greatly reducing friction for workflows which start on the Windows workstation and finish on Azure. Ubuntu on WSL will include integrated Windows file sharing capabilities to simplify the developer experience with Windows-based … Read more

B0r0nt0K Ransomware Threatens Linux Servers


A new cryptovirus called “B0r0nt0K” has been putting Linux and possibly Windows Web servers at risk of encrypting all of the infected domain’s files. The new ransomware threat and the ransom of 20 bitcoins — about $ 75,000 — first came to light last week in a forum post. A client’s website had all its files encrypted and renamed with the .rontok extension appended to them, the forum user indicated. The website was running on Ubuntu 16.04. The B0r0nt0K ransom … Read more

Linux Kernel 5.0-rc8 Released


Linux kernel 5.0-rc8 was released yesterday. Linus writes “This may be totally unnecessary, but we actually had more patches come in this last week than we had for rc7, which just didn’t make me feel the warm and fuzzies. And while none of the patches looked all that scary, some of them were to pretty core files, so it wasn’t all just random rare drivers (although those kinds also existed). So I agonized about it a bit, and then decided … Read more

Ubuntu Touch OTA-6 Call for Testing


UBports announces a call for testing for Ubuntu Touch OTA-6. They are asking the community for feedback and have prepared a GitHub project for OTA-6 quality assurance. See the UBports blog for more info on how you can help with the testing and also to see what’s new in the OTA-6 release, which is scheduled for December 7th. openSUSE is having a t-shirt and poster design contest for the openSUSE Conference 2019, which is being held in Nuremberg, Germany. The … Read more

AMD FreeSync Support Slated for Inclusion in Linux Kernel 4.21


According to Michael Larabel of Phoronix, FreeSync support (or VESA Adaptive-Sync / HDMI VRR) is going to be merged with the upcoming Linux 4.21 kernel cycle. This will enable full FreeSync support for Linux gamers who own an AMD GPU! Mr Larabel also found new AMD Zen linux-firmware, and a workaround for the AMD Radeon RX 590 under Linux. Assuming no major last minute issues, the code should then be merged into the Linux 4.21 mainline kernel when its merge … Read more

Working With iOS App Metadata From Linux Using Transporter


Apple announced a new AppStore Connect API at WWDC18 to communicate directly with the App Store. In order to know more about this API, refer to my previous blog post. This was clearly huge and game-changing announcement but Apple also announced other things which might get unnoticed at WWDC sessions on What’s New in App Store Connect, such as support for the Transporter tool on Linux platforms. This means that we can now use Linux servers to upload and validate iOS app metadata and previews. In … Read more