A Layman’s Guide to Cloud Management

Guide to Cloud Management

Growing a successful business is all about improving your network capabilities, with the need for greater technology and more efficient operations. Often this comes with a hefty price tag with server computers costing thousands. Cloud computing has become a powerful, cost-effective, and convenient alternative to the more traditional method. To … Read Full Article

5 Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Bookmark in 2020


American business owners and entrepreneurs spend over $1.8 trillion on technology each year. Most business owners understand that in order to achieve their goals, they need the right tools in hand. While having cloud-based servers and software is important, there are also a number of apps you need to think about using.

Top 5 Apps To Improve Your Home Security

Security apps

Making your home more secure is indeed a top priority. A high-quality security system is essential to protect your home and your family from intruders. However, even the most excellent security camera may lack in some features, and you may have already found yourself wondering how to improve your security … Read Full Article

How to unlock in app purchases for free

unlock in app purchases for free

This article will show you how you can get in purchases without expending your money. But these methods only apply to the offline games and apps to free in-app purchases on android. Because online games and apps companies spend a lot of money on their security. Have you ever think … Read Full Article

Why Framework Choice Matters in Web Application Security


One of the oldest clichés in web application security is that “it doesn’t matter which framework you choose if you know what you’re doing.” In my experienced opinion, off the back of a career in the web security industry, this notion is completely false! This blog post explains why.DZone Security Zone

Top 10 Cell Phone Spy Apps of 2018: Pros & Cons

Cell Phone Spy Apps

With the availability of numerous cell phone spy software programs on the market today, it’s made it difficult for consumers to find the best one for them. Some people don’t even know where to start looking. And when they do begin their search, they’re overwhelmed with the extensive information they … Read Full Article