ASUS Announces ESR1-511-X4TF TCO-Optimized 5G DU Server

5G DU Server,ESR1-511-X4TF TCO

ASUS announced ESR1-511-X4TF, an all-new edge server solution for Centralized Unit (CU) and Distributed Unit (DU) applications, powered by 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors with Intel vRAN Boost. Formerly codenamed Sapphire Rapids Edge Enhanced Compute (Sapphire Rapids EEC), these are designed for improving performance on virtualized radio access network … Read more

Top Cybersecurity Predictions for 2023

Cybersecurity Predictions,Cybersecurity

In this digital age, cyber threats are on a steady rise, and it is becoming a pressing concern for organizations worldwide.  As technology continues to evolve, so do cybercriminals, making it more challenging to keep our systems and data secure. In 2023, especially, the cybersecurity landscape is forecasted for some … Read more

Top Free Remote Desktop Apps for Windows in 2023


What is the best free remote desktop apps for Windows? We provide the best remote desktop software to make it convenient to access and control PCs remotely. There are several things you can perform with remote access software. You may also be wondering what are the best free remote desktop … Read more

The Best Free SSD Cloning Software Review


Why Choose SSD for Your Computer? There’s no question that solid-state drives (SSDs) are gaining popularity in laptops, desktops, and Servers. You can increase the speed of an old desktop or laptop by upgrading the hard disk drive (HDD) to a solid-state drive. And because of the speed and reliability … Read more