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Tips to Build An Awesome E-commerce Mobile App

Tips to Build An Awesome E-commerce Mobile App

Online shopping has advanced incredibly; this is one field that has seen more e-commerce and online shopping platforms make billions. Today every one shops online, however, this does not conclude that all the shopping is done via smartphone, but most of it is.

However, why are most people embracing this new way of acquiring products? The first reason is the price; most online stores offer products at a lower price compared to real shops. In addition to beautiful costs, there are store offers, promotions, and desirable discounts. Why wait in line while you can have it delivered to you.

It is a fact that most deliveries take time, but it also gives you time to engage in something more constructive.

If you are planning to start an online business, then e-commerce should be a big part of your business. Take our word for it.

Building a successful Ecommerce Mobile App Developer demands a lot from a person. This why we have prepared a few tips that you can consider while contemplating to start your business.

1. Intuitive Design

This is among the defining feature of an application, even though this does not fall under the mobile app development space.

A mobile e-commerce app should be sleek and intuitive. One way to grasp your user’s attention is with something attractive.

Please avoid using a lot of text and animation, providing them with precisely what they want.

2. Flawless Imagery

Imagine the number of times you have cruised our of an e-commerce shop because of terrible pictures. This is one reason why imagery plays a crucial role in your design and decision making from the customer. No one wants to buy less attractive products. You have to get the best images. A professional will spice up your pictures to suit your customer’s desires.

3. Security

Internet security has been a heated topic for a couple of years, with a few cases of leaked information. Even so, there is customer data protection regulation like the EU’s GDPR, which demands full compliance.

E-commerce store owner always requires information from their customers, including sensitive information like credit or debit card numbers. Hence, it is essential to keep your security matter in check.

4. Seamless Navigation

Navigation is among the crucial things in a mobile e-commerce app. Users have to move from point A to be B with just a few clicks.

You should pay extra attention to the development and the structuring of your user’s navigation process. Help them locate what they are trying to find with easy steps to ensure everything is handled correctly.

5. Easy Checkout

Once you have managed to get the mobile user to this payment of your application. Then you deserve a round of applause. However, you still have some steps to follow.

The user will need to check out in order to complete the purchase. Many mobile applications fail when it comes to this point. In order to save your customer’s time, the check out process should be quick and seamless.

Avoid asking any unnecessary questions before they click ” complete order”.

6. Consider VR

Virtual Reality ( VR ) has come to a great distance over the years. It is also the future of modern technology as claimed by tech enthusiasts. To make your application unique and more attractive, then you have to embrace ideas like this.

A good example is adding a feature that would show your customer how they look like wearing the clothes they want to acquire.

7. GeoFencing

Location-based marketing is a modern technology that adds more value to your application. Your application will be able to use RFID, Bluetooth beacons, GPS, and not forgetting what not to identify the user’s location and the market accordingly. This is one innovative idea you can add to your application for more attractive results.

8. Social Media Integration

Humans hate forms. The longer the questionnaire you give them, the greater the incentive to skip registration and submit a registered application. Integration with social media can simplify the registration and process. You can also allow users to share their shopping experiences on social media.

9. Simple Payment Methods

The average drop-out rate is 67.91%. Usually, this is because of price, competition, finding a better alternative, etc. With a complicated styling process, you only give users another reason to leave their shopping cart. Keep the ordering process simple, direct and clean. You also need to make sure you specify whatever alternatives the user might want to use to do the transaction.

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