How to save money in Construction Projects through Project Management software?

Project Management software

Project cost overruns are far from an abnormality to have on a construction project. That would be the last thing any contractor-owner or project manager would want. A reliable survey conducted reports that 98% of projects face some degree of budget overrun. It doesn’t get any worse when the project manager has to explain to other project stakeholders why a project has overrun the budget. However, construction budgets have been under the scanner in recent times more than ever, as … Read more

An Overview of Continuous Integration of SQL Server Database


Continuous integration (CI) is the practice of integrating the isolated databases as soon as they are pushed into an ordinary source control repository. During the early stage of the continuous integration concept, the rule of thumb followed by database admins was of daily integration. However, lately, it is widespread that constant integration is done many times a day. Each change passes through a well-structured testing plan, which runs automatically as and when the changes are detected in the repository. If … Read more

5 Steps to Super Secure Software

Secure Software

Every business, from enterprise-level to smaller companies, is interested in keeping their software systems safe and vulnerability-free. Secure software development is a methodology of software engineering that allows for creating super-secure systems and applications.  In this post, we are going to have a look at 5 steps that every company can take to better protect their internal systems. Let’s get started. What is secure software development? SSD is an approach to software development that enables programmers to create protected programs … Read more

Digital Marketing Hacks you can’t afford to ignore

Digital Marketing

We never thought that digital marketing would become the soul of the businesses these days. No successful business can really survive without digital marketing. The habits of consumers have altered continuously for the past years and the most important habit that acquire consumer’s attention is every day changing digital marketing in businesses. The biggest proof for everyone in favor of digital marketing is that now even small business owners do not invest in creating stores rather they invest in the … Read more

Noticeable Things to Avoid When Using Mobile Phone

Trending Smartphones

You can be confident that you own the best technology products, so you don’t have to care it much but it is still durable. That’s wrong. The way you use your Smartphone can greatly affect the life of it. Using one mobile phone, in the long run, can help you save a considerable amount of money on phone because the price of a new phone is not cheap. Here are some tips to help you extend the life of your … Read more