4 SEO Tips to Increase Search Engine Traffic to your Blog significantly

SEO Tips to Increase Search Engine Traffic

If you’ve been blogging for a few months now then you know that traffic is very essential to success in blogging and that traffic isn’t that easy to get.

There are many ways to get traffic to your blog but my most preferred traffic type is search engine traffic because of how great it is and how effectively it converts. For example, if you’re looking for the answer to a burning question or you want to buy something online urgently but don’t know which site to get it from, what will you do? I’m very sure the first thing you will do is visit Google and search for the thing that bothers you, and that is why in this article I will be giving you 4 tips to help you increase your search engine traffic.

Optimize Your Meta Tags

A lot of people still believe that links are the only important factor search engines consider and they neglect this important aspect. It is true that links are votes of trust from other websites about your blog but it is very important for you to know that it is your Meta tags that will tell the search engines what your blog is all about.

When it comes to optimizing your Meta tags it is important for you to realize that this includes your blog title and your Meta description. For example, if you’re targeting the two major keywords “Medifast” and “Nutrisystem” you will get more results by optimizing your blog title to something like “Nutrisystem and Medifast – the best advice you need” compared to when you just have a title “This is My Weblog”.

Make sure you make effective use of your keywords in your Meta tags while at the same time making sure it appeals to those who read it.

Improve Your Site Speed

When I visit a site and have to wait for 2 minutes I immediately click the “X” button in my browser. The fact is that so many people aren’t that patient and the search engines won’t tolerate that either.

Google and other big search engines are now doing their best to ensure they only rank the websites people want to read and to make this happen they calculate so many factors including the speed of your site.

You will find it easier for the search engines to crawl and rank your content if your website loads quickly so do not forget to do all you can to optimize your site for the best speed possible.

Have a Clean Theme

Another important thing you need to realize is that your website template has a great effect on how the search engines perceive your website and content. A lot of people use just any free theme they can find online for their blog and a lot of these themes make it very difficult for search engine bots to crawl their content.

There is no way a search engine will rank your content if it can’t crawl it so ensure you do all you can to make sure your theme is as search engine friendly as possible.

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Capitalize on Existing Rankings

If you’ve been reading a lot of SEO articles then you will notice that a lot of people are laying emphasis on doing effective keyword research and branching into new markets. A very important SEO tip most people fail to give you is to capitalize on existing rankings.

I have realized that it is easier to rank the first in the search engines for a particular keyword when you are already ranking on the first or second page for it. Instead of trying to target new markets every time you see a potential why not focus on ranking #1 for all your major keywords. Look for those keywords already bringing you traffic. Focus more efforts on getting them to the #1 position in the search engines and you will be amazed to see how much traffic you can get from that.

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