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Top 5 European Countries with Mind-blowing Innovations


The race for technological progress between countries is never over. Global Finance provides new rankings for national technological strengths based on unique integrated metrics. Two primary measures of technological availability are internet users as a proportion of a country’s population and LTE users as a percentage of that country’s total population.

The UK, France, Germany, France, and the Netherlands.

These countries are consistently the top performers in European tech ecosystems when it comes to big stats like funding, unicorn creation, and ecosystem value. These countries also have the largest economies in Europe. We wanted to see how Europe’s tech countries compare. What does the per capita weight of the Nordic innovators and the Baltic States? What are the most entrepreneurial tech ecosystems in Europe, pound-for-pound? Well, let’s find out.

The United Kingdom

The British Empire was once the most developed country in the world. This country was responsible for the transition from traditional manufacturing methods to newer ones. The Industrial Revolution was the catalyst for this shift.

Even more amazing? This country is home to many basic scientific principles. The world’s first steam engines, electric motors, the internet, and the jet engine are all inventions of this country.

Recent innovations such as the BAE Systems Taranis Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle have been created by the British Empire. The UK government and its businesses have been spending billions of dollars on research and development. This is done to increase public-private partnerships and drive innovation in Biotech. The UK has already committed 150 million pounds to develop technology for healthcare.

The British were once the leader in this area, but it is now losing ground to younger countries.


Finland is second in digital life overall, and first in cashless payment. This is because the internet plays a vital role in Finland’s digital life. In 2010, the government made it legal that every citizen could have broadband access, making it the first country to do so.

High-speed internet access and freedom of speech make the Finnish ecosystem more sustainable. This country places a lot of emphasis on digital infrastructure. It is also investing in physical locations where people can connect.

Most Finns can switch off easily, despite having good internet access and mobile coverage in remote areas. Finland was recently named one of the fittest nations. More than half of all 30 to 64-years old hit the WHO’s minimum weekly exercise goal of 150 minutes of moderate activity and 70 minutes of vigorous activity.

Finland is a great place to travel and explore. It provides sustainable environmental and tech ecosystems, making the country one of the best in that respect. More information on visiting Finland can be seen here.


It may not surprise that countries are leading in space travel and nanotechnology research and development. It’s not surprising that Germany is included in our list. Germans have Master’s degrees in engineering, military technology, and infrastructure. German education is supported by the government, which supports new generations of scientists. This is done by collaborating with universities and other institutions.

Since the beginning, Germany’s industry has supported scientific research. These “masterminds”, are active researchers in the fields of nanotechnology, space travel, and other related disciplines.

Germany is home to the Fraunhofer Society, Max Planck Societies, and the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Scientific Community. German society and economy take pride in their research-development efforts…

This is supported by evidence from global automotive brands such as Mercedes, BMW, and Volkswagen, which all add to their technological savvy.


Estonia was ranked first in the InterNations survey, with top rankings for unrestricted internet access online and government services online. Estonia gained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. The government-sponsored eEstonia program has introduced e–voting, e–health, and e–banking programs, as well as e–residency which allows non-citizens the opportunity to apply for a virtual residence that gives them access to benefits such an identity card, banking services, and payment processing. This program is designed to attract digital nomads as well as foreign businesspeople who want to set up a company in the EU.

However, the deeply digital infrastructure has its downsides. Estonia was the first nation to be attacked by cyber warfare in 2007.  NATO developed a manual to address cyber warfare in international settings. Estonia proposed the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence to help prevent future attacks.


Sweden is a leader in technological innovation, with remarkable achievements in web development and mobile apps. This country was among the few to survive 2008’s turbulent financial crisis. They experienced sustained economic growth after the bubble burst, thanks mainly to technology-based firms.

For years, Ericcson and other large tech companies dominated the market. The tide has turned today. Other Swedish companies like Spotify, Torrent, and Skype are now leading the charge.

These high-tech companies make extensive use of internet flexibility to improve communication and create opportunities for exchanging information, music, and ideas.


In this article, we have presented the top 5 European countries with the most advanced technological and digital expertise. These countries are great places to start your tech business and see yourself glowing in several hours. A competitive start-up environment and immensely effective supporting programs from governments and different agencies make it possible to hit the jackpot.

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